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What would YOU do? Scary situation today (long story)

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I'm very annoyed especially with my son for his "lecture" to me on this today.  So this is a bit of vent and a bit of "what is wrong with society".


About 1 today I was traveling on a semi-busy side road 4 lanes.  I saw from a distance this older lady, nicely dressed, carrying her pocketbook walking on the white line in the middle of the road.  Omg people were "literally" driving around her 🙄 instead of stopping to see why she would be walking in the road🤦‍♀️


I pulled over called the Sheriff then got out to help her.  Can you imagine the cars never stopped -- honestly, have we become such a non-caring society that we ignore this?

She was disoriented, late 80s and told me she was looking for her family.  Well,  the authorities were there within 5 minutes had stopped traffic &  I left as she was safe.


My son said "never do that again mind your own business". What???? I am so angry his attitude I said "I didn't raise you this way" he said "she's not your problem".  Needless to say other words were exchanged...I'm truly hurt I know he was upset I did this to  which he then said "stop being stupid". I also realize his point I could have been hit by a car but


Honestly, there was in my mind nothing "stupid" about helping this poor disoriented lady.  I said to him you're  ridiculous I hope someday if I'm ever old & disoriented in danger "some caring person would help me and obviously it won't be you!"


I've never would imagine that 1) this is his attitude and 2) his disrespectful words which I won't share here☹️☹️


Thank you for letting me vent because this is just so "unsettling" to me.  I hope she was taken to "safe environment" and I'd do it again, even if it's stupid!  




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Re: What would YOU do? Scary situation today (long story)

How would he feel if someday that woman was you ?  I feel you acted responsibly by calling the authorities and like a decent human by stopping to help. Of course he was worried about you, but you are a grown adult and did the right thing in my opinion.

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Re: What would YOU do? Scary situation today (long story)

We live in a soul less techno society.  We are surrounded by superficial robots.  Very few people take the time anymore to do what you do.

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Re: What would YOU do? Scary situation today (long story)

I would have done the same thing and I'm sure your son would have liked someone to have helped you were you in that situation. It's really a shame no one else stopped to help. I'm glad you're okay though. 

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Re: What would YOU do? Scary situation today (long story)

You are a wonderful person.

I think it was your instincts of kindness and caring for another human being that needed help that made you instantly do what you did.

Yes, it was a dangerous situation but you may have saved that poor woman's life-someone's mother.

I am so sorry your son was angry with you for doing the most human thing and your disappointment in him.

I think sometimes in this world, even good people can become callous, and only concerned about themselves. He probably was worried about you but still I know I would have felt the same as you.

I would just hope that in his heart, he knows he was wrong and eventually will tell you that and that he is sorry.

Sometimes even when we are disappointed in our children, I like to still believe in their goodness, even when they make mistakes.

I hope it turns out well and those hurt feelings are repaired❤️

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Re: What would YOU do? Scary situation today (long story)

With your son on this one. Ted Bundy was dressed and groomed nicely,, too.


Anyone in the middle of the highway is either drunk or mentally ill and unless you are trained, I'd call 911 and keep going.


What if the person pulled a gun? What if they were playing victim for a  ride to rob you?



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Re: What would YOU do? Scary situation today (long story)

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Maybe, the safest thing to do would have been immediately report her to the Sheriff rather than get involved.  Let him take care of her.  


If something happened that could have harmed her such as a car hit you, slammed into her, her family might think about suing.  And..of course, your stopping there could have cost two lives.  Yours and hers.  


Suing is the mindset of some people these days. Innocent people sometimes become perpetrators and are arrested.  In other words, her family members might say, "If you hadn't tried to help, my mother (the disoriented lady) would still be alive."  I have seen this occur.  Besides harm to you, maybe, this is what your son was thinking. 


You could have caused a multiple car accident where others could have been killed.  I don't know how the law looks at something like that...maybe guilty for causing deaths.  When I see what people are charged with today, nothing surprises me.  


I did this very same thing years ago trying to get a dog off the road.  Was chewed out by the police saying some of the same things I've said here.  


You have a good heart.  I would have done the same thing in the past, but I've seen too much since the past, people ending up in a big mess because all they wanted to do was help someone.  Maybe, this is another reason many don't want to get involved.  


When good hearted people see incidents like this they don't think about harm that could happen to them or others, as well as people suing them.  They just want to help.


I see the level of your son's anger was a great deal of concern for you, not anything else.  I'd forgive him and let it go.  


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Re: What would YOU do? Scary situation today (long story)

Thank you for helping that poor lady! That was so very kind and how we should all take care of each other. I would've done the exact same thing as you did today. What is wrong with all the others who passed by doing nothing? What is wrong with people today?

But really I feel something has changed in society, as of late. I see alot less, for lack of a better word, kindness.

 Also, sorry to say because you are obviously a kind, caring person but I would be so very disappointed in my son if he were to react as yours did. So disappointed.




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Re: What would YOU do? Scary situation today (long story)

@homedecor1 @Good job!  You renew my belief in humanity.

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Re: What would YOU do? Scary situation today (long story)

Thank you @homedecor1. Glad you stepped forward. Clearly the lady needed help. So glad you came along to help her.


When my son was in college he helped out where he used to work. And my husband and I picked him up at work and drove him to a train station so he could get back to the college. When we arrived there was a man lying on the railroad tracks. A train was expected shortly  so there were a number of people waiting for the train.


There was no way my son was going to witness a train hitting the man lying on the train tracks. I jumped on the tracks and started pulling on the man to get him off the tracks. He was deteremined to continue laying on the track. He was on the phone, I guess his girlfriend, saying he wanted to die. I was not going to let that happen.


I saw the light from the train getting closer and closer and my husband and son joined me and got the guy off the tracks. I always thought that it was a shame no one else seemed to care that he was lying on the tracks. And we just pulled up shortly before the train was scheduled to arrive. No one seemed to care.


I am so glad that you did.