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Re: What's with all the "HUGGING"?

@Allegheny wrote:

I don't think there is going to be a way to stop all hugs.


     Another route is not so subtle. See the hugger coming at you? Cough! Cough right at them as often as needed.  or Sneeze into your sleeve, and keep that 'face' that says you're going to sneeze again.


If you're desperate, pass gas! (loudly). Hardly anyone will want to get close enough to complete the hug in these three scenarios.


 Many just occur too fast.  Like bad weather it is something we have to deal with.


    With all due respect, if that means it's something unavoidable we have to learn to accept, I strongly disagree. 


The step back or hands up will usually deter people.  Or saying "stop" or "no" will do the trick.  But one should quickly say afterwards, "I'm not a hugger."   I know, why do we have to excuse our action, but do you really want to offend someone who is just thinking they are being nice/friendly.


    I do know some huggers who know you don't want their embrace, will hug you to show their will has dominance over yours.

  So, be ready to let one rrrip!!



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Re: What's with all the "HUGGING"?

I was at the rheumatologist’s office a short time ago and she walked in with her new young male assistant. He extended his hand for a handshake. I immediately put my elbow up and indicated with a smile “no.” He then saw my hand and apologized. 


He has a way to go if he doesn’t realize people with rheumatoid are physically unable to shake hands. I was surprised he hadn’t been taught that.


Otherwise it was a very pleasant and lighthearted visit.


As to hugs, only family and very close friends.


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Re: What's with all the "HUGGING"?

At work, i do 'fist bumps', if someone wants to hug. hugs are rare at my workplace. 

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Re: What's with all the "HUGGING"?

Frankly, I'm sick of seeing it constantly on the Q. If you notice they only hug who they consider the pretty people too. I could mention who the hosts don't make a point of hugging, but my post would be removed. If the hug isn't phony or forced I don't mind being hugged by a friend or relative, but that's it. My doctor likes to shake hands and I'm ok with that.

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Re: What's with all the "HUGGING"?

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I always think of The Monk Show....when Sara Silverman was his biggest fan and she would just grab him/hugging him LOL!  He would stiffen up...arms down by his sides and yell "Natalie" "HELP" "Natalie"!!!! LOL


Perhaps if you do that the person invading your space will feel odd that it is not being reciprocated.



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Re: What's with all the "HUGGING"?

I'm not a real huggy person. Most of it just seems fake to me.

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Re: What's with all the "HUGGING"?

So many of the Q hugs seem fake to me.  IMO!

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Re: What's with all the "HUGGING"?

@SunValley wrote:

We are a family that hugs and so does my social circle, but we have a connection that makes this natural, not creepy.


I’m surprised this much aggressive hugging happens in the workplace given the emphasis on harassment policies and appropriate behavior. My company has annual training on allowable behavior, and unwanted hugging is not allowed. I wouldn’t want this type of personal interaction either.





Thank you.  Hugging  🤗 within my family and close friends circle is totally acceptable and all good.


Certainly not at work!


No one will ever have to ‘block’ me.  My antenna and social skills are fully functional.  A person who ‘forces’ hugs has issues.

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Re: What's with all the "HUGGING"?

For me it totally depends on the person and the situation.  In general though, I am not a big hugger.  I see so many men on TV hugging each other now.  I never see that in real life.  Most of the time, men shake hands and that is it.    

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Re: What's with all the "HUGGING"?

The OP made me smile. My elderly mother, at the time, confessed to me how much she hated when she got together with relatives they did "all that hugging!". She hated it. I'm not really a hugger either. Especially to people I'm not close to. My dh and kids, sure, but not so much.

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