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Re: What a stressful last 2 weeks!!!

@qvcaddition I know what your daughter is going through. I was 61 when I lost my job after 38 years. I fell into a deep depression, I was afraid I would not get hired again. What was I going to do? The situation tried to destroy me. I was especially worried about health insurance. 

Years of service seem to mean nothing. I hope the best for your daughter. When I was off from work, I made sure that i got cleaned up and went out everyday. Even to the grocery store. I spent a lot of time at Costco LOL, but did not feel like I could afford to get much.

I did not get a severance, nothing. 

I prayed, went on an antidepressants, and got counseling. I felt like a failure. 

I feel bad for anyone that this happens to. 

I was in a unique situation that I refused to do an illegal activity and was able to bring a law suit against the company. It was quite healing for me, to sit in depositions and see my former bosses get raked over the coals by my attorney. 

I found a new job and filled my next 4 years working on my law suit with my attorney, I did a lot of fact finding, reading cases etc. That kept me busy and motivated. 

It was the principle of the the issue.