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I'm doing some house cleaning now.


Later this afternoon, I'm going outside and cut down some of the plants that are looking tired and worn out.   I know some people don't cut down the plants for winter as they feel that at least it's something to look at, but I like to cut mine all down so the leaves don't cling to them and it's one less thing to worry about getting cleaned-up when spring arrives.


Next, we usually go out to eat on Saturdays - a late lunch/early dinner.


Will then come home, watch the news, and hopefully there will be a good movie to watch for the evening when I put up those feet and relax.  :-)

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Re: What Are You Doing Today?

Not doing too much today - just relaxing now watching an old movie.  It was a rough week.  I went for my colonoscopy on Wednesday, so Tuesday was a lost day doing the prep. Then I came down with a cold and cough.  Feeling better today,  but after this week I think I deserve a day doing nothing.  The cleaning can wait until tomorrow.

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Re: What Are You Doing Today?

Look up slug in the dictionary and you'll find my picture. 

It's  a yucky day in Atlanta, rainy and cold. I shocked the world by making chili for lunch, a rarity for me. We haven't left the house. 

My husband isn't having a good day health wise and I couldn't think of anything important enough to get me to leave the house. 

loooooong day. 

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Re: What Are You Doing Today?

It's a nice fall day, cool and sunny. I dumped a few plants that were pretty much played out. I harvested the last of my basil and made and froze pesto and spaghetti sauce. I had a big green salad for lunch and now I'mhaving tea with you.😻

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Re: What Are You Doing Today?

Nice fall day ... sunny 65 degrees.   Walked almost 4 miles along the lakefront ... that's quite an accomplishment for me as I haven't been taking my doctor's advice lately.


Wish I had a portion of that salad @QVCkitty1 ... sounds so good!

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Re: What Are You Doing Today?

Getting ready to go out to dinner for Sweetest Day! Woman HappyHeartSmiley Happy

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Re: What Are You Doing Today?

Removing debris from our gardens...taking a break right now. I prefer to do it in the Fall and not in the Spring.

It's nice to just have to till the soil and plant Smiley Happy

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Re: What Are You Doing Today?

Hubby and I went out for nice breakfast and then we went to the Farmer's Market and then to The Gap because he likes their Vintage fit Khakis which are a relaxed  roomy fit. He lucked out, they were having a big sale so he got three pairs in dark colors for Fall/Winter.  Now I'm home watching watching  program on Amazon Prime and playing around on my laptop.    

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Re: What Are You Doing Today?

It's a beautiful fall day here in southwestern Michigan!


I trained this morning, then ran some errands. I forgot that my golf course was hosting an outing this afternoon, so I hit a couple of buckets of balls on the range. 


Now I'm getting ready to go to dinner before we go to a hockey game. 

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Re: What Are You Doing Today?

Walked one dog ( we have 3) early in the day.




Met up with an old friend of my dad's to visit dad in memory care.

Talked afterwards with this friend for an hour in the beautiful fall weather.


Off to mass soon.


Plan on watching  the new Good Witch tonight.