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Went to Kohl's This Evenng

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Oh my, have things changed at Kohl's since I was there last (about 4-5 months ago).


The inventory is so low.  They have everything spaced out.  Before everything was so packed you could not get between a aisle.


Prices are higher.  No more jewelry. A lot less home decor.


I picked up Sketchers for my husband as there is one style he really likes and they had it in his size (not on sale).  I also picked up 2 shirts for him.  He likes lightweight long sleeve pullover shirts in the winter to wear rather than sweaters.  Usually can only get the lightweight pullovers in the fall.


In the past I had loved shopping at Kohls for clothes and for home decor.  Looks like I'll have to move on and shop elsewhere. 


Also, all of the stations to check out were closed except for one.  I must of been the 20th person in line.  Had to walk through the whole store, go to the lower level to check out.  They had 3 cashiers.  Wish they would of had one at last on the upper level.


Sorry to say, but the look of the store and the quality of products in a way reminded me of the old Kmart stores.



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Re: Went to Kohl's This Evenng

Things sure have changed at Kohl's, they now have self pickup. They know longer offer curbside pickup which is a shame. 



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Re: Went to Kohl's This Evenng

Kohl's is in financial distress.  They've closed a number of stores and recently Penny's put in a bid to buy the chain.  I  veryi seldom shopped in Kohl's but I hate to see any of our big stores go under.  Things are changing fast.

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Re: Went to Kohl's This Evenng

Someone told me that they were going out of business....not sure how true it is but I'm not surprised.


I used to go to Kohl's all the time years ago but I lost interest at some point (before the pandemic) and stopped shopping there.

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Re: Went to Kohl's This Evenng

That's exactly the opposite of my Kohls .  It's PACKED with merchandise, never saw so much.  The racks are filled to the brim, store is clean, bright and lots of employees.  Prices are higher but coupons and deals abound.  I'm just outside Chicago.  Where are you that it's so bad?

Oh and I miss Kmart, I could always find cute summer tops there.  Kitchen items etc.  Nothing wrong with Kmart in my book.  But that's just me.

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Re: Went to Kohl's This Evenng

Kohls is the only "dept store" anywhere close to where I live now that two upscale malls closed several years ago. I used to shop there occasionally but never really bought things other than things in the bedding dept and the bra dept. they always had good sales on Bali. 
Mervyns is another store I miss....what stores do you miss? 

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Re: Went to Kohl's This Evenng

Years ago, I went to Kohl's because of a newspaper ad.

I was looking for a shorts outfit for DS.  I wasn't pleased with the fabric they used which seamed flimsy.


I went across the street to a major dept. store and found a wonderful set!


I was done with Kohls, except one more time when they were doing shoes by an actress.  I took one look.  Definitively plastic.  Done.

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Re: Went to Kohl's This Evenng

I was at Kohls in the St. Louis area about 2 hrs ago and they have plenty of merchandise. They just recently opened a Sephora inside the Kohls store. The store was busy, all 4 checkouts were busy.  They have taken down the jewerly section and moved it over to another area of the store but I will say it's nothing like the previous jewelry section, it's just a few stands of rings, earrings, necklaces scattered within the shoe area. They do have a help yourself pick up area.

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Re: Went to Kohl's This Evenng

I went to Kohl's last week and it was full of merchandise.  Store was newly renovated with a Sephora inside.  With the coupons I get and Kohl's cash, I find it affordable.  I go there once a month or so as it's not far.    



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Re: Went to Kohl's This Evenng

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@MoJoV  Yes it all depends on where the Posters live. Mine is so clean and inviting. So much to chose from and everything is in it's place. I love my Kohls.