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Where I live, it's a beautiful day as well.

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Here in the Phoenix area we have finally hit the 100 plus mark.  Not complaining since we had a wonderful long spring of 70's.    i will take the heat rather than the icy cold.  my pool water has warmed up where i can easily cool off as well as indoors.

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@freakygirl wrote:

lucky you! hitting the hundreds here this weekend. ugh. gimme 60s! 

LOL, you must live in my neck of the woods here in AZ.

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@MoJoV  Enjoy your nice weather! Here in Seattle we need some rain.  Tomorrow it will peak into the 90's🙁.  Too hot for us!  Thank goodness we installed an air conditioner ($$$) this past month and we will no longer sweat in the house! Best purchase EVER👍

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Here in SO.CAL it has been over 100. Don't dare go out for my usual walk for I might not make it back--81 age.

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Ugh I had the unfortunate experience of driving through (around) Chicago last week. Not only was the weather pouring rain and wind, the traffic was absolutely insane! And I hear its (traffic) like that all the time, no matter what time of the day or night you travel. Returning is a must next month but one of the ways I'm going up and around Wisconsin to return to upper Michigan. Woman Happy

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our weather has been beautiful this week and enjoying the break from the hi heat and mugginess so much! 

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We've enjoyed a few nice weather days as well. Afraid the summer's going to be hot though.


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