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Re: Warning about Internet Fraud

Thank you for the warning, @Scooby Doo

One can't be too careful. My folks just had something last week, had to change their savings and checking account numbers. 

I check my savings and checking account every morning after being hacked into several years ago. We got the money back, but it made a lasting impression on me.


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Re: Warning about Internet Fraud

@Scooby Doo wrote:

@Nuttmeg wrote:


@Scooby Doo 


Sorry to read your computer was hacked.

I found a YouTuber Thio Joe. He explains about malware, virus, and how and why your computer has become infected. He talks about how to stay safe. 

I recommend you add paid Malwarebytes to your security software mix. This product runs along with your internet security software. 


@Nuttmeg Thank you for the reference.  I'm going to watch it right now.

I have paid malwarebytes on my main desktop computer but it was my laptop in another room that got hacked.  It has Norton on it.

Please use on both. 

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Re: Warning about Internet Fraud

      Several years ago, I kept receiving emails from 'Pay Pal 'that there was a problem with my account.  Called Pay Pal and no, I didn't.  Finally just closed my account.

      Recently I have received two emails from 'Amazon' telling me there are problems with security.  Called Amazon and no, there isn't a problem.

     The email are very real looking...even exact logo of the companies!!  So irritating...and scary!