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Warning about Internet Fraud

I'm not directing this toward QVC, just to make that clear.  I'm just giving you some advice that I've learned in the last couple of days.  

My laptop somehow got hacked.  Yes, I have Norton on it and it was performing quick scans and did not warn me of any problems.  Little did I know that I had a Trojan attack until I found out that my Paypal account had been hacked.  

Be sure to run a full scan on your computer and do it often.

Don't keep your paypal account attached to any website where it can remember your password.  If you did, unattach it.  

Remember, your paypal account can reveal your banking information.

Check your accounts often to find any unusual activity.  I do, but I was hit just a couple of hours after logging into the account.

Set up alerts on all your credit cards.

Important - Change your passwords often.

Hackers troll Facebook looking for vulnerable accounts.

if you do find a virus, unplug the computer and break the network connection.

Don't get complacent because the hackers are out there big time.


I've spent the last two days setting up new accounts and changing passwords, at least twice.  My hacker got my email address and then spammed me.  I had to delete that account.

I now only use my hardwired computer but changed my modem information.

Froze my credit info with Experian.

Haven't had much sleep in the last couple of days.  Paranoia overload.


Did I mention, change your passwords and unplug paypal.....


If anyone has anything useful to add, do so.  No lectures please.

Don't say ......well it hasn't happened to me.  You could be the next loophole that they find.

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Re: Warning about Internet Fraud

Thank you. I would never in a million years use Pay Pal

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Re: Warning about Internet Fraud

I check my bank account and credit card info online **daily**.  No Paypal for me.

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Re: Warning about Internet Fraud

@Scooby Doo  Thank you for sharing this information! It certainly opened my eyes to the fact that as dedicated as we are to our internet security, we need to be extra vigilant now.👍👍.



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Re: Warning about Internet Fraud

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My Paypal account was hacked last Friday after we had a power outage for days. I turned on my computer to find PayPal authorized charges to my AmEx I never made. I closed it this weekend and AmEx overnighted me a new card. I used PayPal for some businesses but it's original purpose was to shop with EBay. I no longer buy from EBay so no loss there. No more PayPal for me.


Your thread @Scooby Doo is a timely message to watch our accounts. Thank you.

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Re: Warning about Internet Fraud

I had a Paypal account for over 10 years (I have an Etsy shop).  I decided about  a year ago to close down my Paypal account not because I had a problem with them, but I was having a problem with another site that was automatically taking from my Paypal account.


I found that I didn't really need it for my Etsy shop at all.  I use my CC for all online purchases and if there is ever a problem, I get in touch with the CC company.  


My cc are not connected to my banking information but the Paypal account was.

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Re: Warning about Internet Fraud

One of the biggest things, for me, on the list is 'alerts'.    Some time back I set up alerts on all of my credit and debit accounts. 


What makes it so valuable is that you get the alert right away.   I just have them email me the info and don't mind a bit having to delete those emails every time I pay a bill or make a purchase.   You can do it by text, also, but I don't give out my cell ph# that much.

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Re: Warning about Internet Fraud

I don't have PayPal and I'm not on any social media.  My Visa and MC credit cards are quick to alert me to any strange activity.  Nothing is foolproof but staying away from known problems cuts down the risk.



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Re: Warning about Internet Fraud

@Scooby Doo  Last week, I was hacked by a professional scammer.  I took my computer to Staples to do a diagnostic.  It cost almost     $300 to repair the damage.

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Re: Warning about Internet Fraud

I don’t use passwords, I use phrases and fingerprint recognition.  Nothing is totally safe.


Once I had my debit card hacked.  I have a debit card that I keep small amounts in it.  I use it to order on line, gas, etc.  I received a call from someone from my bank telling me my card had been hacked.


The thieves opened up and removed the entire magnetic tapes in the tank.


By doing that they had access to the card number and the pin.  They took out $483.


The bank inspector couldn’t understand why I was so angry when he to

d me they don’t investigate anything under $500.  I said I’ll bet everyone of those stolen  cards were under $500.  No answer.


Thieves don’t get one bothers to investigate.....


What a world we live in these days.