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@Desertdi.  Thst has happened to me about 4 times.  The only "spirit" being those cascading hooks whereby you could double the closet capacity and weight of the clothing.  The crash was the logical outcome.

@Kachina624 couldn't have convinced me that night!!!!


The handyman installed 2 extra brackets and a heavy-duty rod tho........di

@Kachina624, I think @Desertdi's point was that it happened on her Mom's 100th birthday.  Had it fallen the day before/after, I'd say the handyman didn't do a very good jobWoman LOL!

@GOLDIEANDEDDY  The handyman came "after the fact" and repaired the closet fittings..............

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Me thinks he's having a complete memory failure as to what he did and did not do with the hose once he installed the new drain.

@shaggygirl, He had installed the hose drain the week before and I had done lots of laundry with the hose inside the new drain.  He was working the the workshop room that day and washing hands in the laundry room - closest sink - when he noticed the hose in the wrong place.

Hhhmmm, well then that really is weird. It might be one of those things you'll wonder about for years to come but just never figure out.

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Ok, I’m ready to weigh in. Don’t need to hear if it happened again. It may or may not ........


A friend of my next door neighbor lost her husband, suddenly, in a motorcycle accident. They had no children, he was her entire world. It could not have been sadder. My neighbor, also my trusted friend, hosted the get-together back at her home after the funeral. Afterwards, my friend and her husband were left consoling this poor lady as she continued crying. She said all she wanted to know is that he is “ok.” With that, a full basket of pine cones my friend had as deco at the top of the staircase, tipped over and all the pine cones came flying down the stairs. 


My father-in-law’s friend had a group that met a couple times a year to play poker. One night, after about an hour, the friend began not feeling well and went into the host’s den and laid down for a bit. After coming back out they asked if he was feeling better. He said he was much better and that the dog kept him company. The dog had passed away several weeks earlier.

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@GOLDIEANDEDDY  How nice that your mother is still around watching over you.  I suppose she still likes things her way.


i don't find something like this is unusual at all.  My family owned a resturant for many, many years.  When my parents passed, my sisters kept it running until they were ready to retire.


The building was sold and the new owner had problems with things being moved around in the kitchen.  When he mentioned it to me and my sisters, we just laughed.  We knew it was dad.  He liked things his way.


We should all have consolation that we never "die".  We just transition from the material world to the spiritual one.


Our loved ones are with us all of the time, even if we don't always notice.