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@Shanus   I don't have one locally but there is a Wegmans about half an hour away in Princeton.  I'll do my rounds when I go....Whole Foods, Trader Joe's & Wegmans are all within a few shopping centers of one another.


I call Wegmans with their prepared foods department the "Disney World" of grocery shopping...It has almost everything you need (which as you pointed out can be too much & overwhelming) plus there is a ton of walking it's so big!


I do like their prepared foods but fortunately I don't go too often.

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Wegman's sounds wonderful.  I've never been to one.  I am envious of you all who have this store nearby.  I live in a small city and our grocery stores are small with not much variety of anything.  That's why I dislike grocery shopping...just the same old stuff to pick from, and no decent bakery.



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I used to do almost all my shopping at Wegmans but since the pandemic their quality has gone down a bit. Like others have said, their produce is nice, and some of their own brand specialty products are great. I love their basting oil, and their Peruvian marinade. Lately, in our area anyway, the 2 Wegmans that I usually shop at still have empty shelves in the cleaning products and paper goods sections. I don't like that they no longer have a deli counter for salads. You have to buy a prepackaged cole slaw or potato salad and it's expensive. I live alone so a pound of those things is too much so much of it goes to waste. They have also discontinued the Kosher deli sections in all of the stores in the area. I still do most of my shopping at Wegmans butI have been shopping at a local store, Dash's,  more and more. It's smaller but they always have what I want and they have a full-service butcher, deli and seafood market.

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NY near Rochester (headquarters) I believe we have 4.  Two are within a 10 minute drive in two different directions for me.

I basically shop at the older store - it's at least 51 years old - but minutes in the other direction is a newer one....and larger.

Then a much newer one 20 min drive in a different area.

Then another one southern direction.

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We have several Wegmans stores in Northern Virginia. The closest one to our house is at least 5 miles away. That's not far, but it's far enough away that we're not constantly running over to get food from the "food court" or baked goods from the bakery. Thank Heavens!

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I'm one mile from Wegmans, and that proximity adds value to a home around here!


Overlooked, IMO, is the quality of their store brands.  From my comparison, they are less expensive in many areas than some others.


Customer service is quite responsive.  Forget all the pretty things, if you wish.  Wegmans is just a great grocery store. No need to buy the prepared stuff, but it can come in handy.


I'm a regular so I know just how to zoom around and get it done.  Their iPhone app is superb for making a list (syncs with any Apple device).  I can lay in bed and do it.

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Is Wegman's like a Sam's Club or a giant grocery store please?  I've never seen one.  Many thanks.

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@ECBG wrote:

Is Wegman's like a Sam's Club or a giant grocery store please?  I've never seen one.  Many thanks.

@ECBG  No. to me it's an upscale grocery store. It's definitely not a club.


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I do 99.9% of my shopping a Wegmans.  We live 1.3 miles from one.

Their produce is the best and we are lucky to have 3 other large-format grocery stores in the area not counting Walmart.

If you want flowers to last 7 days + with 0 wilt buy at Wegmans.


I have always been a brand loyal customer, but we have found many of the Wegmans brands to be excellent.  My husband prefers Wegmans organic ketchup to Heinz!


As many have said their customer service is second to none. 

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Can't stand that store.  To me, it's just a designer grocery store.  My daughter dragged me in there during the pandemic, and the store was packed with people.  Told her to get what she needs and we're outta here.  It's a great place to get Covid.  There's a giant food store across the street that's super clean and carries everything 'I need.  Way less people shop there.  To me, food is food.  It all tastes the same.