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I love Wegman's.  


The first one I visited was in the Buffalo area on a business trip several years ago.  Pre covid, friends and I would meet in the Princeton Wegman's to catch up and have lunch.  And I always shopped before I drove back to NY.  After the store opened in Montvale, NJ, I began shopping at that store.  Worth the 1/2 hour drive and toll on the TZ bridge!


When I used to food shop for my dad, the prices on the basic things he ate were so much cheaper than the other supermarkets around us.


Wouldn't you know that soon after I moved from NY to DE, a Wegman's opened in Westchester County - 15 mins from my home.  And now that I'm in DE, I drive to Glen Mills, PA, to shop at that one.  I do a run about every 5-6 weeks and stock up.  Once they come to DE, I will take the hour drive and shop there (except summer weekends!).  


Love their Italian Wedding soup - I buy several and freeze them throughout the winter.  


They are worth the drive.


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I have two Wegman's within 10 minutes of me and for some reason I stopped going.  Then the day after Thanksgiving, DH felt like walking around inside.  Had quite a few things in the cart !!!


Absolutely love the individually packaged marinated chicken breasts:  we each like very different flavors and noticed that the chicken tasted more like chicken used to taste like.


Agree on the expensively-priced baked goods....don't care how good they are.  However,on that post-holiday cinnamon bun table, at $3 it was bargain.  We tried them as soon as we got home and went back for some to freeze.


Their pizza by the slice is excellent....but their packaged pizza isn't the same as we were told by the counter person.


One of the two stores has a wraparound second-floor balcony we tables and regular conversation seating areas. A former friend and I used to go once a week for a coffee and gigantic muffin.....relatively empty, quiet and comfortable.  Wonder if it is still open, at least before the pandemic.

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If you like bagels, Wegman's are wonderful.

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I agree.  Shopped at a Wegman's for two years, but it's 20 miles from my house.  I'm not driving that far anymore.


I was impressed at first, then it became a drag.  I don't want grocery shopping to be an all day outing just locating what I want.  We have a copy now, 3 miles from my house, a grocery store one would think is Wegman's except it's name isn't on the building.  Prices are lower, too.


Have been using their home delivery over two years.  Now, I alternate with Walmart.  I hate grocery shopping and when Covid-19 is over, I will continue to use both services.  



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love,love Wegmans. There meat and produce are the best. And,as I love to cook I can find anything I need there.

Did I say I love it!?

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@Shanus  ... I love Wegman's.  Unfortunately, we don't have one in my area.  

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They are building a Wegman's about two minutes from me, barring I don't have to detour around Joe Biden's house (he seems to come home a lot) which is on my route to get there.  I am very excited to have it so close.  It is the first one in Delaware.  I would have to drive about a half hour to get to the nearest one in Pennsylvania.

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Love Wegmans.  Worked there as a high school/college student.

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Well, from popular opinions I've read here, I need to give Wegman's another shot. maybe being overwhelmed the first time will not be an issue. I'll go early morning when awake and fresh as a daisy. Thanks.

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I shop at wegmans almost exclusivly...except for meats where I still use a Local Butcher..


I love their quality, the organization, and the Customer service is superb.


I have arranged for all our RX's to be managed by them and mailed to our home...FREE


They have never missed a refill, they call the Dr's office for new refills, I get text messages when a RX is mailed, When it is delivered I get a text message...


If I have a new strep throat antibiotic...They call ed me and I had the option of drive up pick up of my RX. OR. they would drive it to my home THE SAME DAY...


The produce is always fresh and high quality.