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I am a huge animal lover so I volunteer at an animal shelter.  

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I greatly enjoy my volunteer work.  I am a docent at a museum.  I also will be reading to young children at a library soon for their reading hour.  I plan on volunteering to mentor/volunteer adults that need to learn to read and improve their reading skills. 

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spix, my hat goes out to you to go to O'Hare Airport for anything other than a flight, lol. Very congested driving.
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Re: Volunteer work anyone?

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@IamMrsG wrote:

Volunteering is a wonderful thing to do.  I'm just not into telling the world about it. 


Volunteering is a wonderful thing to do!  And I see no problem with sharing your good experiences and encouraging others to join in the good and satisfying work!  It's not a matter of "tooting your own horn"; it's good to let others know what good opportunities exist and how welcome they'd be in the ranks of volunteers.


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I love it.  I grew up seeing my parents helping others all the time, so for me it was natural.


Currently, I volunteer as the wine coordinator at the local farmers market.  I really love that!

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