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Re: Vintage Corning ware skillet

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My mom had a Cornflower coffee pot and also a skillet. If you had an electric range you needed a triangular wire thing that was set on the coil burner on the electric range. Corningware provided.  Gas ranges didn't need that  wire piece. 

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Re: Vintage Corning ware skillet

Corningware brand has had several lines over the years...the Visions line is translucent glass....I never cared for it. Also the French White line that is not for the stovetop. I prefer the pyroceram like Blue Cornflower....I have a large set of it and use it everyday on my stovetop, micro, or oven. I also have several of the Corelle meal bowls that are only for the microwave. They are not pyroceram and are glass...and thinner than the original Corelle dish sets.