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I did 5 years in the Navy, I saw first hand what sacrifices our Veterans went through. Also I always remember the families as they too served in their own way.

Wrong is still wrong just because you benefited from it.
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Thanks to all who have served.  My dad fought in the Korean war and my brother served 4 years in the Air Force, thankfully it was peace time.   

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Thank you to all veterans for serving our country.  My dad was a WWII veteran and stationed in Alaska before it was a state.  I always enjoyed his stories and photos about his time in Alaska.  

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Thank you to all the veterans ... but today is a special day for me as I honor my father's 91st birthday -- gone too soon in life -- I miss him every minute of everyday.


He was a navy war veteran, great dad, friend and more -- everything I could have "dreamed" to be blessed with one of the best men and call him "dad".


I know he's been looking down on our family for the past 40 years and laughing and sending us "guidance" from heaven. 





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My dad was a WWII Navy vet, my uncle was a WW II Army Air Force vet, and my FIL was in the Air Force.  


I  appreciate the service, the dedication and the patriotism of ALL veterans!!

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@Nancy Drew 1  Thankyou for your service in the Navy. I think the women at times are not in the main photo if you know what I mean?


I have a friend who enlisted in the Marines during Vietnam. She said she did so her brother wouldn't have to go in. She was college educated in Math and Physics and said they really didn't know what to do with her. She ended up being a carrier and even smoked a pipe to pass off as a Vietnamese woman.She recently told me she was a Sharpshooter! She ended up as a Colonel and with her military pension and teaching pension has traveled the world. A Very interesting woman.

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Pray that your son as well as the other servicemen return home safely.  God Bless them all.