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Re: Very Worried About My Friend

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Glad she is going to have the scans. As others have said, I think she is very fearful of the unknown and what they may find. I hope her friends and family are supportive of her no matter what decisions she chooses to make. It is her right to make those decisions.

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Re: Very Worried About My Friend


Am sure you are relieved to know your friend listened to her medically educated children, and will at least have the scans.  


I feel sure your friend will remain angry if the results reveal a major issue that must be dealt with; I don’t think she wants to know what’s wrong, or deal with fixing it.   My mother is like that, and ignored her major weight loss issue which turned out to be H-pylori, gut bacteria.   2 rounds of antibiotics took care of it, and she gained her weight back.  


Am glad your friend has knowledgeable children watching after her, so you can just continue being the supportive friend.  Hoping there is a fixable solution for her health issue.   

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Re: Very Worried About My Friend

@Vivian , glad your friend will undergo the testing.  I know it has to be scary for her.  I agree with those that believe you should continue to be supportive.  I would also ask her outright if there is anything additional you can do to support her.  She is fortunate to have a good friend to reach out to.  Prayers for you and your friend as you move forward.  LM