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Re: Traveling for the holiday



I know there are obstacles but maybe try to figure them out!

Maybe you can drive a few hours and stop for the night and finish the next day.  Although, with the exorbitant prices of hotels and gas $600 by plane may be a deal😉


I traveled Thanksgiving and always went a few days before as airlines are no longer reliable and airports were terribly crowded the day before.  Also, not sure how close your brother lives to airport.


I hope you figure a way to go nothing better than family gatherings.



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Re: Traveling for the holiday

@Mom2Dogs  I wish things can work out so that your DH can see his brother.  I don't know which State you live in but is there Greyhound available?  Friends in Fl usually take the Express bus and they love it.


Some drive and it takes about 9 hours but they are in their 40's and 50's and they do this often.


What is DH saying? Hope it works out.

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Re: Traveling for the holiday

@Lucky Charm wrote:

@Mom2Dogs wrote:

@Kachina624 They would be more than welcome to come here but my sil just had hip surgery and that long drive would be to much even if they took two days to get here.


There is no where within a hour to eat...I have no desire to cook a thanksgiving meal..I have never been a good cook.



Honestly, she should be okay in another month after her hip surgery, if she's already had it.


You could order out.  I know grocery stores cook the turkey and the sides for you.  Or maybe your brother and husband and SIL could all chip in and give it a try.  Cooking a turkey isn't that big of a deal.  You don't have to tend to it every 20 mins like my MIL used to say all the time.  And you don't have to get up at 5 AM to start it either.  I don't know why she always told us that!  It's almost a *set it and forget it* kind of meat!

@Lucky Charm  I don't know anything about hip replacement surgery, but wouldn't sitting that long cause pain? She might not be comfortable sitting in a car for that long.


By the way, most people I know say exactly what your MIL said lol. Get it out of the way especially if you only have one oven.

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Re: Traveling for the holiday

@Mom2Dogs No reason a visit has to be on a holiday, and no reason a holiday meal has to be a big deal!  It is the visit that is important!


Share when you can, what you can and at that time, it is Thanksgiving! Best wishes to all.  All of us have to be content with what we can do.  

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Re: Traveling for the holiday



Okay, I am not really a fanatic of the T-G meal because--my mom and I were both career women and we never cooked like that; I am a bit of a picky eater and don't like all the components of the meal, my MIL was an excellent cook  (made everything from scratch), but the process seemed too involved for me for just one dinner!


Thanksgiving is one of the busiest and MOST expensive holidays for driving and/or flying. 


I also have dogs, and I am quite familiar with having to book far in advance during holidays, and paying a lot for boarding.


DH and I are much more independent now as the family is deceased, grown older, moved away, etc.  Now we never invite anybody, and we never ask to be invited for the Thanksgiving holiday.


If family is definitely planning to be in our area, and we are home, we will invite them to our house, and we order a meal from a local restaurant!


If we are in the same area as other family, and all are available, we all go out to a very nice hotel restaurant.


If it snows somewhere (Vermont, NY), we might go there instead so DH can ski. 


What should you do?  Agree to get together at another time when everybody is in good health, travel costs are lower, and the timing is less hectic. 



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Re: Traveling for the holiday

We traveled for over 20 years to be with family and our kids grew up doing it.  I have some regrets about not staying home but that's another issue.


From our experience I must agree with those who suggest being honest with brother.  Your points are more than valid.  Thanksgiving is really busy on the roads and not for those not up to the challenge.  Make the trip on a non-holiday and pretend it is one!  It can be special being together but with fewer challenges.  Break the trip up and make it positive for yourselves.


Best wishes.  Holiday pressures are pressing already.

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Re: Traveling for the holiday



Is there some reason your brother cannot travel to visit you? 


As for your dog! If you lived around my neck of the woods, my wife might possibly be available. Don't know! She has been gone almost 2 weeks now, on her present job. Think she will be home Sunday. I'd be surprised if she isn't booked for



hckynut  🇺🇸

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Re: Traveling for the holiday

We are elderly and most of our friends know we just don't travel. We also have dogs that need special attention. As I often say,"You are welcome any ole time,you just have to like pets."

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Re: Traveling for the holiday

I live in Georgia, about 4 minutes North of  Atlanta.  Not only is the traffic horrible, the surrounding interstates are all under construction.  My husband doesn't care to fly.  Not because he's scared so we drive 17 hours one way when we visit family.  If it's just him, maybe it would be easier for him to come to you?  But at this date, airfare will be very high.  My sister is flying to GA for Thanksgiving, she has been coming every year.  She got her ticket a long time ago.

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Re: Traveling for the holiday

I appreciate the replies....I am still not sure what we will do.


I looked at using the train, my brother would need to drive an hour+ to pick us up, there is no station in Athens.   There is no Greyhound near us and frankly taking a bus  is not something we want to do.


With my sister in laws recent surgery the trip for them is out of the question as she also has back issues so with both health issues for her, she would not make the trip this year.


For those that are used to traveling it might not be a big deal but we have rarely traveled or taken a vacation....and are just not comfortable driving thru a big city..we did that Atlanta drive many years ago when we drove to Florida, it was miserable then. 


I am trying to research another route that bypasses Atlanta...which might be to fly were ridiculous.


We also have a dog that would need to be cared for, if the woman that usually keeps her is available that would help, we will not board her.


Someone mentioned traveling at another time, next spring/summer might be better.


again, thanks