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Anyone else feel that way?

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Do you mean with life or in your home? I got rid of so much when we moved a few years ago. I will not let it pile up again. As with life TV is off and the outside is where you'll find me. Winter comes way to fast and I'm enjoying my garden and deck as much as possible. 🙏

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In our home. Altho, I think we are,sadly, going to see shortages in things.

I cannot be outside at all. Lots of allergies! Especially to mosquitoes.

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@Group 5 minus 1   If you mean in your home, the answer is yes I have too much.  In the last year since my husband died, I have gotten rid of a lot.


I went through my kitchen and unloaded a ton of stuff.  It's just DD and I and I don't entertain or do big family holidays so I didn't need four or fice 9x13 pans. I had enough mixing bowls for 3 households. Gave most away. Same with glasses and dishes.


My nieces will be thrilled, I have a huge armoire with nothing the purses. I am keeping a couple and they can have the rest.


I am over stuff.

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Yesterday I got out the oil for just one little wood thing, and before I knew it, I had swapped out.


Somehow, with my purging, I was left with just the right amount for a switch.


Still happy this morning.  For me, every one has a memory.

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DH still wants to stay in our large family home while I have wanted to downsize before we have a crisis, illness or are just too old to manage it. I do understand that his garage workshop is his greatest joy so I don’t want to pressure him into something that will make him unhappy. However, I want to be happy too and have worried about this for a few years. We came to a compromise and I am free to clean out inside the house and the garage is his space.


SO,  I have reduced my kitchen and dining room items to the bare minimum, cleaned out closets, clothes, bedding, artificial flowers, candles, books, my 42 year old son’s drawings from preschool! etc etc It has been so freeing and everything is clean, uncluttered and well organized. I have been able to do it without pressure and I know whenever we do move it will be very easy. My husband is happy because to him everything looks the same but I know the enormity of the job I’ve completed. I’ve cleaned out multiple elderly family members homes in the past and never want to put that burden on anyone else.

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I know I have too much stuff! I've been purging handbags over the last year...I have two of my bigger ones left, and I'm about ready to let them go. I've given them all away to someone who is thrilled to have them! We're retiring next year, and I just won't need them anymore. Crossbodys and smaller bags will be sufficient.


We're in the process of having the inside of our house painted (should be finished today, yay!), and I've decided several things are not going back on the walls...and nothing will replace them. Also packed up my mother's china, and will put another set of dishes (inexpensive, and more to my taste) in the china cabinet. My niece will get the china as soon as she has a place to put it...yes, she does want it, much to my surprise!

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@Group 5 minus 1 most of us have been on quarantine for nearly half the year. If you have not started to pare down and purge the stuff, you should start today. Start small, maybe with a drawer and go from there. The key to success is twofold: do some purging every day, if only for 15 minutes to start and get help where needed. Things will look so much better by the holidays.


I did a major purge and lifestyle change when I downsized and my kids had left for their own homes. I felt it was money well spent when I called in help (junk haulers) to purge the garage and basement. (almost) Instant gratification! I also had a garage sale and at the end called in a downsizing auction company to sell what needed to go. Very successful and recommended. The process took months and was HARD but totally worth it. Today my life is so much less stressful.  I enjoy my home, which is necessary as we are at home almost 24/7 these days. I continue to part with things as needed on a much smaller scale and each January I do a thorough cleaning of the pantry, cabinets, drawers, etc. around my home. When the weather cools off I will get after the garage, which always seems to collect junk (but at least my house looks good, LOL!)


Don't just keep things because they are "good", keep them because they work for you NOW, not someday. Donate the good items. Faster than selling, unless you want to have a garage sale in the fall, then donate the remaining items. Only keep the clothes, shoes, bags, etc. that you LOVE- donate the rest. You will not miss them. Get rid of everything that could be replaced for a dollar or two if you need it in the future.

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I definitely have way too much stuff. I have trouble getting rid of 'good' stuff - stuff that is still in really good shape. Will I ever use these items? No, but it was drummed into my head as a child you don't throw out 'good' things because you might use them someday and they cost good money to buy in the first place.


Someday never came for many of these items. I just lived my life without ever needing or using them.  Now I must purge them.  I admit, though, I am having a hard time getting started. The whole process just seems so overwhelming. 


I do little bits here and there, but nothing serious like I need to do.  During our states shelter-in-place time I had every intention of purging, but I decided to re-do our landscaping instead so I could be outside and not stuck in my house. Then I got called back to I'm too tired.... you see where this is going... haha


Thank you for starting this thread. It has reminded me -  I NEED to clear the clutter. I am going to start with shoes. They have taken over my closet floor, and I feel that's a nice, smaller space to try this again. 

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My husband's stuff ways heavy on me.  He is a collector of many things and it's not junk.  He has been collecting comic books for 40 plus years.  All in alphabetical order and catergorized in mint condition, full sets.  Same with baseball, basketball and football cards.  Up to a couple of years ago, he had every hall of fame baseball player signature on a bat and a ball.  He has signed Jerseys from Reggie Jackson, Lawrence Taylor, Barry Bonds and others.  When we lived in California, he'd go to autograph shows.  He has a replica of chitty chitty band band signed by ****** Van ****** and a I Dream of Jeanie bottle signed by Barbara Eden.  He also likes cars.  I managed to talk him into selling the corvette but still have an 1985 Shelby because it's sentimental to him though he never drives it.  We've had discussions that if something were to happen to him, I would just be beside myself with all this stuff.  And believe me, there is a lot more.  It's a double edge sword, it brings him joy and I like that for him.  In the back of my mind I am just overwhelmed.