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My goodness, QVC has gone overboard. There seems to be a new face every night. Looks like about 12 new hosts over the last several months and so many resemble one another lol


Seems odd considering that they don't even use the hosts that they already have! Very few are "full" time and most are on air just 1-3x's per week. 


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And then others complain of them using the same hosts too much.

There should be a new forum topic called "Gripes."

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QVC now has theee channels, plus they need hosts to cover when someone is sick or on vacation, I don't think they have too many.


Unless you watch QVC2 and the Beauty Channel, you probably don't get to see "all tthe hosts they have"


Some  of the hosts work on all three channels and other don't. They work more than 1 to 3 times a week.


The new hosts are on probation for one year before they are hired permanently.  Sometimes, all of the hosts don't make it the full year.  

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@Luvmycats  Agree.  Most times I can't tell who's the host and who's the vendor.  And they all do look alike! 



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I''m confused?  Is somone forcing you to sit and watch the new hosts?  Do you only watch QVC to see your favorite hosts?  I've been with QVC almost from day 1 and I have evolved as QVC has evolved.  I don't watch for entertainment like I did 20 years, I shop.  I care about the merchandise much more than I do about who is selling it.  Having said that, yes indeed there are a bunch of new faces.  Which I find amusing because sometimes when I see a new face, I'm not sure which shopping channel I'm watching.  

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There are too many new hosts. It makes you wonder if the senior hosts will be retiring soon? I'm not big into the new, overly chatty, talk-too-fast hosts. They seem a little too enthusiastic....over done.

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I really wish they would update their Meet the Hosts page.  It would be nice to see who's who these days, in addition to the other hosts.

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And the only one I care for is Alberti. Course,he is not so new.

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In case a host is sick???/ It appears QVC makes their host work even if they sick, have seen hosts with laryngitis have to work when they had no business there, although have seen one drama queen host with a minor ailment start her shift and leave.  Please, too many new hosts, and special treatment for some hosts when they are sick and not others

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What an odd complaint.   They need new hosts because current hosts don't last forever.  It's called turnover. 

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