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I have been waiting months for a knee replacement. It was finally scheduled for next week. The surgeon's office called with a cancellation for tomorrow and I grabbed it. 


I've been in 24/7 pain for months and have to use a can to get around. I had my other knee done 8 years ago and it changed my life. I'm hoping for the same this time.


I'm usually more afraid of anesthesia than surgery.  I don't like needing a machine to help me breathe. Not this time. They will give me a spinal, shoot pain stoppers into my leg, and send me to la la land. 


I'm more worried about my Dad and my dog. Dad fell and had a brain bleed 2 weeks ago and isn't doing very well. I've been taking care of him for 6 years and love him without limits. My dog will vacation with my best friend and her dog but I'll miss him. We're connected at the hip and I love him so much.

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Re: Tomorrow is my lucky day!

Congratulations on getting the cancellation. I know this will make a huge difference in your quality of life. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Re: Tomorrow is my lucky day!

@CalminHeart Awww prayers that everything will go great and the best positive outcome for you.  Praying that the healing and comforting arms of God wrap you, your dad and fur buddy in his loving care. Good luck!!  

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Re: Tomorrow is my lucky day!

Wishing you a successful operation.  Sending a prayer for all 3 of you.

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Re: Tomorrow is my lucky day!


Good luck with the surgery,

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Re: Tomorrow is my lucky day!

Sending prayers for a successful surgery and a healing recovery


I am sure you will feel so much better once this is all behind you! I understand you are concerned for your father, but right now, please try and concentrate on you and put your worries aside for the moment.


Of course you will miss your fur son but it sounds as though your dog is in wonderful hands with your bestie. He will have fun with his friend and will be well taken care of.


God bless and please keep us posted on how everything goes!



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Re: Tomorrow is my lucky day!

@CalminHeart Good luck with your knee replacement!  I hope it changes your life for the better and you feel like a new woman!


I'm not there yet but can see getting a knee replacement some time down the road.  I have intermittent pain and it is alleviated when I take Meloxicam.  I just don't like to take it too often since it's not good for the kidneys.

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Re: Tomorrow is my lucky day!

Dear @CalminHeart I'm so glad that you are finally scheduled for your knee replacement. Being in pain for so long is so very hard.


I'm sorry too to hear that you have others depending on you and that of course causes concern. I hope that your Dad will be OK while you recover & that all goes well with the surgery. I'm glad you have a friend to take care of your wonderful dog! 


Sending well wishes to you for everything to go fine & for you to have a quick and complete recovery.

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Re: Tomorrow is my lucky day!



That's wonderful news.

Wishing you a very successful surgery and recovery!


 Now don't worry too much about your dad and dog I'm sure they're in good hands and you'll be back with them soon enough and all this will be behind you. yay! Smiley Happy

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Re: Tomorrow is my lucky day!

I'm so very happy for you?  I understand your pain.  Before my tkr I had suffered with knee pain for year.  I don't know why I delayed.  While I didn't get the results I hoped for in terms of my knee flexibility, the pain is gone and I got my life back.