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Re: To the Positive Pals and Grateful Gals

@gloriajean wrote:

With all the restrictions I have now - how can I possibly go on?  I have no time to find Authors for the poems or short stories I have been sending for years which was fine then, but not no more.  I'm sorry.  I really have done my best.  If only they would allow me to post my email address just this once, so I can get you on my list I do every morning - which is what I used to send here.  They  won't even let me do that.  I'm just not going to post for a few days now, I still am undecided what to do. 


God bless you all!



    You are copy that stuff from something, it isn't falling from the sky.  So, you know who authored those pieces.  Just do the right and moral thing and include the author's name.  Perhaps you should just post your own thoughts and opinions and experiences.  

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Re: To the Positive Pals and Grateful Gals

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