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Grief is different for each person, but for me this describes it very well. Also describes the weight of depression. And the weight of others who don't understand grief and depression. That just adds more rocks.




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@greeneyedlady This is very expressive and unfortunately grief is a normal emotion due to loving so deeply I believe.

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I'm sorry to hear that, @greeneyedlady .

I hope you find strength and peace.

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Powerful art

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i have felt exactly like this every day since my husband died. That picture makes perfect sense to me.



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After my mom died, I felt like I could hardly move my body.  It was more than just feeling sad or depressed or lacking energy.  At the time I could not put into words so no one, not even husband understood that it was physicial feeling.  At work, I'd just sit at my desk and work because getting up out of the chair and walking was hard.   At home, I'd get in my bed and pull the covers over my head. I wasn't tired, I wouldn't sleep.  I'd just lay there and listen to the tv.  I thought I was having a breakdown.   I have a friend who is a doctor and I tried explaining   to her how my body felt and she got it immediately. .  She explained that grief can affect us physically.  It can be nausea, abdominal pain, chronic heaaches, diarrhea, muscle pain and in my case a feeling of being weighted down, unable to move.  Totally different from fatigue.  As a long time primary care physician, she'd seen it many times in her practice.  It helped knowing that it wasn't a mental thing and that it was not unusual.  I had to give my mind and my body time to move through the grieving process.  I think it took a couple of months for my body to recover.  

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@Chrystaltree I feel your pain over the loss of your mom.  I lost my mother in January of 2016 and she taught me a lot about life.  She taught me kindness, love, about Jesus, the arts of southern cooking and so on but, she never taught me how to LIVE without her as she was truly my best friend. We were at the hospital for 29 days together before her passing and for months I could hear her calling me at night......MUCH LOVE TO YOU

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The artist has expressed grief well.

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Very accurate representation of that first stage.


We were never promised we would get to the end of the journey together.  Some came before and go before, some traveled a long way with us.  Some only start after us.


The real is joy is smiling about our time together.  And going on with our trip.