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I purchased her gold dome ring and it is outstanding and very, very comfortable! Such a classy and classic ring. You forget it's on your finger because it is a super easy to wear ring and very well priced!  Thanks to Lisa!

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Lisa is a pleasure to watch, so professional Glad she and Gino are doing well!



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I got Lisa's ring from the Q when it came out, but I just got rid of it.  My arthritis knuckles no longer allow me to wear it.

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Boy do I painfully hear you on this. I am the same and it truly saddens me in many ways @qualitygal

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@roxxy1  that's the one!

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The QVC ring was in gold. The JTV one is in silver. I got the gold over silver version. They also had the flower of the ring in dangle earrings. Lisa said that they would be having that flower pattern in a bracelet and pendant in the future. I think the bracelet would be pretty. She also introduced a Black and White Collection, which is black spinel and zircons. They had 2 pieces of it in this series of shows. They were pretty. I've always loved Lisa.

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Yes, she did a copy of the ring in Diamonique.  Loved her as a host on the Q.

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From what I remember, she wore the Diamonique flower engagement ring as her ring. I think this wasn’t supposed to be her wedding band. It’s also possible that QVC copied her actual engagement ring in Diamonique. 

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I wonder why she isn't back at QVC. Anyone know?

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Re: The Sweet Ms Mason

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Here's a photo of Lisa from that JTV visit:




Here she is with her father 13 years ago on the QVC Insider magazine. Photo is from her Facebook page, Lisa P. Mason:




And here she is below with her husband, Gino: