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Thread is dedicated to Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle

In the spirit of wishing the couple happiness; Please join in. 

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I'm almost as excited about this as I was about Princess Diana's wedding (notice I don't mention Charles)


My nephew Andrew & his gf Stephanie, really resemble the royal couple. true!

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I wish them every happiness throughout their marriage.  While I don't think I have ever heard of Meghan Markle, I have always liked Harry.  He is such a good guy and deserves the best.  If she makes him happy and he makes her happy, that is all that matters.

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@Mary Bailey 




Thank you! sharing your happy news. Love is something to celebrate.♥️

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I wish Harry and Meghan every happiness!!!  


I am looking forward to watching the wedding and toasting the happy couple.

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I can't wait ! I think they are a darling couple, and the wedding will be fun to watch, not to mention the dress !!!

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I agree with all of you! I too think they are a darling couple.

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I can’t wait for the wedding either. I’m anxious to see those in attendance and what everyone is wearing.

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Re: The Royal Wedding

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I, too, will be happily watching.  With so much bad news happening in the world, it is great to celebrate good things.


They make a beautiful couple, and I wish them a life together filled with happiness.

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Wonderful to have a happy celebration to rejoice in.

I wish the beautiful couple joy and happiness for many

many years.