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@chrystaltree. I can remember in High School  in the early 70s thinking about the glamour with good looking men to date "Coffee,Tea, or Me" was a book we read. Movies also depicted Stews that were attractive and glamous.


I sat next to a retired Flight Attendant in her 80s on a trip a few years ago. She told me when she was working she had to sign a contract that allowed her to work  only until age 25. Many  female teachers were let go as soon as married in those days also. 


And they hounded and harassed if they gained a pound or two over the allowed weight.  Even fired.   My mom was a kindergarten teacher before she got married.  She got married in May and they allowed her to finish the school year but she was not asked back. And she taught there for years.  


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@Foxxee Very funny and so true! Smiley Happy

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While I don't think jeans are proper to wear in church, I think one should wear whatever makes them comfortable to travel in. No way I would want to be wearing a dress, high heels and a girdle with hose like the olden days to stuff myself in to one of those narrow seats they have now on airplanes. Smiley Happy
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I remember my first flight that I went on First Class.  My DH and I went on a long trip and we went first class.  He was used to this as his business took him around the world and he always went first class or business class.  Took our Jack Russel in a travel bag and she sat right in front of my seat.  She played with her toy, the stewardess gave her some ice cubes and she fell fast asleep.  She also gave me a set of wings for her, it was so cute.  The food, the service, everyone dressed in those days, people were proud how they looked.  I told my DH that if we just kept flying around and didn't even get to our vacation, flying like this was a vacation in itself.  It was wonderful.  Now, casual dress has just become an excuse for some people to dress like absolute slobs.  I miss the old days.

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The way people dress when flying doesn't bother me. I worked for the airlines years ago and to fly first class (if there were available seats) we had to dress properly. What I don't care for is the way some dress for Church. I think it's disrespectful, but that is just my opinion.