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@Tissyanne wrote:

@NAES, Hello my dear friend, 


I hope this Christmas season is a special one for you, and your family. My first with my parents in heaven, and there will be a certain emptiness, as you know. I have said here before that my Mom encouraged me not to reflect back, but live my life in happiness. Life is for laughter, and picnics she said. She also told me many times in her final years here, to focus on pleasant things. If there be anything of good report, think on these things. 


Naes Heart

                        Heart @Tissyanne , 

 I had 'A' reason to not be able -at that time- to be here. I know that you may understand. 


A lovely surprise to my personal emails sent me a message (from management, here) that I was being missed. I kept that email still from 4 months ago. 

 I hope that you are physically able to read some of what I posted. I had no idea of what you posted reference illness until Monday night.


  Sending hugs ~~~ I am having some confusion what had happened-.... especially that last post.


     Reading back carefully and slowly to fill in the missing pieces. 


       @Tissyanne , much concern, Heart