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Re: The Bee Hive -- July 2021 Edition

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My sister feels the same way at her hospital. She is over worked and definitely underpaid for what she has to put up with. That's all I can say about her story. I really would not want that job. 😕 She is dependable too but many are not. They just leave....Poof!

Structural engineer came in yesterday and thankfully the previous owners of the home left all blue prints and it's a go.Two beams need to be installed. It's what they thought.🙂 can't afford my Dream Home here so it's take
a wall down and open it up! I do love to BLOW things up!🤣

Today, I will try for the golden ticket. It is and adventure and this takes patience. Maybe I will be still playing the Lottery at 100 years of age.😞 If I ever get that bad...just shoot me first. You will have my approval!

Pups are gone and I do miss Maya the real golden. So, someday, not soon, we will be getting another golden. I know they love to travel and I do too.🙂
Well, I have cleaning to viva.
Talk to you all later, and rnmom and aprilskies taking time off? Haven't seen them in awhile so I guess they are busy...
Take care everybody.....
Brisk out to clean 👌...

@Brisky - Hi! Thanks for thinking of me. I have been so busy I can barely get in to read and catch up, I don't usually take the time to post much.


Since the day we got home from our vacation we've been having problems with our oldest dog. I'm not sure what's wrong with her. She's been messing all over the house, among other things. Can't relax, pacing around, etc. We got her some meds for a urinary tract infection but it's not helping so we think we're going to have to have her put down. We did xray and blood work and nothing major showed up and I'm not doing anything else. She's 16 and we've only had her 2 years. She seems to have had a good life. 


We found our son an old used vehicle but he didn't pass his drivers test so we had to reschedule that. That was hugely disappointing the day before his birthday. 

Extra days at work because we're short with people off on surgery and vacation.  Just a bunch of stuff adding up to busy, busy, busy. August will be super busy too and then I'm hoping that things start to slow down some. I'm starting to get burnt out. I need a couple of quiet days at home alone to relax. 



Aw man, I'm sorry to hear about your pup.  That's a heartbreaker for sure.  I don't remember--did you take her with you or board her?  I boarded one of my dogs and she was absolutely traumatized when I got back.  It took her weeks to settle down, and I swear she was never ever quite the same afterwards.  


From your description of your dog's condition it sounds like the same thing that happened with my cat last year.  He was headed downhill but the tests didn't show much--just early stage kidney problems.  But despite treatments, he just wouldn't respond and it seemed like he didn't have the will to stick around.  I never really knew what the problem was, but in the end it didn't matter to him or me.💔


I hope your girl perks up, but like you say, at 16 she's had a good life either way. ❤️ 🐾


And what a disappointment for your son.  I can only imagine how traumatic that was, and probably still is for him.  And right before his birthday.  The good thing is it's not a 'one and done' situation.  He can take the test again until he passes. 

Everything always seems to come at the same time though, doesn't it?  I wish we could space out our bad (and good) experiences so we could have some breathing room in between.

@geezerette - I know the August thread is up, but I wanted to answer your question. This is the little Chihuahua that we took to Kentucky with us. But I'm not sure that the trip didn't traumatize her. She hated driving so far and laid on the floor of the car for the whole 10 hr drive, she wouldn't even sit on the seat with me. And she was in a small crate in our camper all day while we were out sight seeing. 


Her blood work showed one elevated kidney function too and she had a bit of blood in her urine so we treated her for a UTI. She seemed to get a bit better, she wasn't so shaky and panicky and was eating better, but she was still messing all over the house many, many times a day, even in her crate, so we had to have her put to sleep yesterday. I was sad but not prepared to try to figure out what else was going on with her at 16 years old. 

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Re: The Bee Hive -- July 2021 Edition

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Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your little pup.  When they get that age and start in with unusual behaviors it's often kinder to let them go than put them through anymore medical treatments.  Tough for the kids.  Probably tougher for you.💔


It's absolutely the worst part of having pets.  Yet the kindest thing we do for them when the time comes. ❤️🐾