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Re: The Amazon Fire 7, sorry I got it!

I have a Kindle and an iPad.  My Kindle is connected to my Amazon account.  My iPad is connected to my Apple account and to my Amazon account, because I use the Kindle App on my iPad.  I also download my digital library books through Amazon to my Kindle App.


I totally trust these two companies and have no problem with giving them a credit card number.  We have never had a problem with either company, in twenty years.  In fact, once I bought a lousy app from Apple, and they refunded my money to me.


However, we purchased a Roku last winter to use for the TV in our new room addition.  They wanted a credit card number.  Somehow, we worked around it, but I'm sure it will come up again.  I will just give them a number of a credit card that we never use.  That way, I'll easily know if something is charged.  

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