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Count me as a fan!  Always enjoy your posts.  

You speak so lovingly of your husband, what lovely memories.

"Animals are not my whole world, but they have made my world whole" ~ Roger Caras
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What a sweet and thoughtful post @annabellethecat .  I think many people here feel the same way about you.  I think you'd be a lovely friend to have in real life.  You are certainly a lovely friend to have here.  Know that many of us care about you as you do us!

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@annabellethecat  Some of the best posts I've read here were yours. I appreciate your company here.

My nickname was 'Pure N Simple" but now I've switched to 'decaf'.
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@annabellethecat not only have I always enjoyed your posts, I'm grateful to you for picking me up when I was down once and I haven't forgotten. You're a kind soul and I always find your posts to be a ray of sunshine. Thank you for being here. ❤

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Although I've never met you, I can tell that you are a kind and loving soul. I've always liked reading your posts - they make me smile! Keep up the wonderful posts - you are a friend to all of us here!

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I love reading your posts--and the good thing about this place is that you know the old saying "it takes all kinds?" Well that is the joy and the spirit of "us!"


I just miss you so much when you aren't posting!  Thank you for your advice, kindness, perspective and laughs!  



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Thanks to everyone for your kind words.


I need to tell you guys something.


When my youngest daughter was staying with me when I broke my back and for a few months this summer, she'd see me typing on my computer and say, "How are the QVC ladies doing?


What are you guys talking about?  Sometimes she'll say, "Did one of your QVC ladies tell you that?"


There is someone here that does know me pretty well.  Her moniker is @ECBG.


We text every now and then.  I send her pictures of my family and she does her's.


As I said, I really believe in telling people what they mean to me.  I appreciate the way no one here says my posts are too long (which they often are).


I don't belong to any other websites.


I kinda feel like here same thing about having a boyfriend after my husband died.


I was 58 when he died.  People would say, "You are so young you could still remarry."


I'd say, "Why would I want to settle for hamburger when I had filet mignon."


I could say the same thing about only being on this forum.


You sweet people are part of what I consider the filet other words...the best.😘



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@annabellethecat - I read and enjoy your posts. Your posts are well written and love the humor you add. Count me as a fan!

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@annabellethecat   What a lovely thread/post. I appreciate your sentiments and do enjoy whenever you post. BTW, I'm 73 and don't consider myself OLD, so hopefully you won't see age that way either. 

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It's always fun to read your writings.  You've caused me laughter more than once.  Your note to the board is so sweet @annabellethecat .