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@possummink wrote:

easy decorate  puppy cupcakes | Cat Cupcake Designs


Dearest butterfly,Possummink,Puddles,Sassy,

Lulutoby,AnikaBrodie,Viva923 and CareBears...


I want to thank each one of you from

the bottom of my heart for all of your

wonderful and deeply appreciated

Happy Birthday wishes.


Your kindness and your friendship means

the world to me.I wish that I had the

same power as Samantha Stephens to wiggle

my nose and bring all of us together so

that we could finally meet in person.


Wishing all of you a peaceful and blessed

remainder of the day.


   (((((HeartTHANK YOU HUGSHeart)))))



All of my children have paws =^..^=


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  Thank you CareBears for turning the pages back to read just sincere glimpses of some of the first of many treatment procedures. My reminder of that day.

Tissyanne: devoted daughter as support care giver while her mother  ( such a sweet mom) was beginning to go through.

  April. This year.


  Time does pass so quickly. None of knew anything then as now, of this time, today. I told her I would be with her from the beginning and believe I have stayed true to that promise.


It was after Christmastime when Tissyanne noticed the sudden unexpected turn of events~ not long after her mother had gone through a total hip replacement.


       What a strong woman Tissyanne's mother is.


                                                  Correction if not 84. 




This is/ was not the typical beast cancer that is often so common, rather a very rare fast metastasized cell growth.

@NAES1 wrote:



                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2018- April


 I am dearly thinking of you and for your mother tomorrow.


  I posted earlier then deleted, thinking you were busy and would not see it until much later. Sometimes you are here much later than most times.  My prayers stretch long and far for a non painful procedure, indeed, being said.

Love for you, my deepest concern for your sweet mom. 

  I hope that you can close your eyes and 'picture us all' there holding you with huge hand holding hug, and for mom, my prayers are very strong. 

               A kiss to her cheek.Heart

You are in my thoughts, my hope for a very welcomed positive out come from this procedure.

               God Bless your every decision. 


            Heart With love, with caring concern, NAES



For Tuesday: April 17th, 2018



Thank you for reading. I never forgot that day. 


@CareBears   Heart

@Tissyanne   Heart




     Tissyanne is very tired. I hope she has more help than before. 






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@CareBears wrote:

@beastieloveHappy Birthday To You Singing Cats.gif





              What a DARLING Kitty group singing                                                                                  to @beastielove


   Earlier, I had written a I remember YOU note in Pet Lovers. That was where I first met her over six years ago. I was there for I believe four years.


   Yes, indeed~~~~~~ Heart and Cat Happy


          H A P P Y    B I R T H D A Y

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@CareBears  Good Luck tomorrow at Mayo and I sure hope you get the answers needed.  Will be thinking of you.

It's not how much love we give, but how much love we put in the giving. - Mother Teresa
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hello all


Poss, please send the train for the whole gang to jump aboard and visit with beastie on her birthday.  I will be ready in 20 min's. have to wash my hair (can't do a thing with it LOL).


Beastie we are coming, Poss is calling the train station to pick us up for your b-day visit.  don't worry about any refreshments, we bring our own.


could someone post a snapshot of those foxglove bells. Aren't those dangerous plants???? Or am I thinking of something else??


I know the people who lived katty korner across street from me had those white bells all around the house. then the couple who lived next to me years ago, dug up a clump of those white bells and planted them in the garden they had out the front of the house.  the houses are long gone and people are long gone but the garden remains along with the beautiful flowers. I know there are some gladiolias mixed in the flowers and day lillies and other sorts of flowers.


getting kind of dicey outside, could have some storms, cold front moving in.


not much else going on today. will check in later. 

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... And so are the prayers of everyone at the Cafe.  Many of us have been where you now are, and were so appreciative of the support from family and friends.  We know how stressful it is and how it depletes the body of all energy.  I hope your brother continues to provide such support and recognizes how involved you've been in the constant care of your mom.  (((Hugs)))  Keep the faith and know God is close. 

"Today is full of possibilities not yet achieved." ~The Silver Fox~
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Viva,  these are a couple photos of Foxgloves.   


A bit of info about these beautiful flowers.  ~~~~~

The scientific genus name also refers to the fact that foxglove flowers are just about the right size for you to slip your fingers into them, as the Latin, Digitalisliterally translates as "measuring a finger's breadth." It is easy to remember this name origin, since we sometimes refer to our fingers as "digits."

As with many poisonous plants, foxglove has been used by expert herbalists for medicinal purposes. Even today, drugs made from Digitalis are used to strengthen the heart and regulate heartbeat.

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        I have not forgotten your date appointment for tomorrow.

First, my prayer is for being strong enough to make the trip and secondly, my Best Hope for the medical team to put every effort in diagnosing the cough that you have crippled through and have stayed focused, once again, after so many ineffective doctors.


There is an answer, and I am relieved that you have chosen this path.  I will be thinking of you as you go through one testing to the next. We want you to be well again.

My heart follows positive news to come.


 How very fortunate it is for you to be this close to such a well known [ Renowned ] hospital/ clinic -that also has helped your husband, this far.  


As from my other posts, please picture all of us there with you.  Haa, safety in numbers~~~.


Again, thinking of you, Believing in this appointment!!

And to know KITTY KITTY will be back when you return.


As time passes, you will learn - that - for any feral cat, it takes time ( for a feral) to be accustomed to a forever home.

I had the same situation with Big Boy Cream-

      >> BEING outside, homeless, for apparently 5 years when he finally found us.


Many neighbors said they saw him around, then he moved on elsewhere looking for food. Several thought he belonged to someone across the village, but definitely homeless.


The more he comes and stays, the closer you are to having him nearby with trust. It's a gamble but worth it. I did!


  We will be looking for Good News jetting your health.

Also, hoping this is not an allergic symptom to mold as you once had.       

                   PRAYERS FOR CAREBEARS





It had taken approximately 6 months to have our very ill feral sleep inside or stay close to home.  The vet hospital helped 80%.

I never thought this would evolve so soon, so nicely and to have his trust for those remaining last 6 years.


He was 11++ years old when he disappeared.

We never had closure but do believe his previous illnesses played a major reason that he probably died EARLY of an older age body, and the  early repetitious illnesses under a veterinarian's care told us that.

 He had so many obstacles to go through being a homeless, abandoned (?kitten to an adult cat).


Several pet owners here, told me he possibly died somewhere while out one beautiful day (2 hours).


He never was a complete inside home cat but did have 6 wonderful years of the best of care. he did sleep inside each night.

We never stopped looking for him for well over 13 months. A lot to learn about feral cats and so we did.


                             It just takes time and patience. 


 Sending good thought for your return and a lesser than previous cough.


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 Viva,  Here's the train with plenty of passenger cars for all of us.