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Re: Sweetest thing you will see today

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Um, yeah, it's cute and all, but where are the parents?



They are nowhere to be seen in the video.




Anybody could've grabbed one or both of those kids in a heartbeat.

Huh?  They were both there. One of them was filming the kids.  The other is in full sight from the beginning. 

I don't know what you were watching. 










Are you sure that that is the parent?






As for who's filming, again are you sure that it was a parent filming?



Maybe it was a neighbor, or a friend.


This is the caption right under the video in the link:

Two toddlers in New York City are warming hearts all over Facebook after one dad posted a video of these two "besties."


From other websites:

Cisneros, who is Maxwell's father,"it was just a lucky moment and I got it on camera." He explained why he chose to share it, even though he's normally a private person.

Why would you even think these 2 little kids were alone when, clearly, someone was filming them? Strange. 








Not really considering the world that we live in today.



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Re: Sweetest thing you will see today

This just made me smile so big!😃

How beautiful!❤️