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I have a lot of fond memories from my childhood, but this one stands out.


Once or twice a week, I'd ask my dad if he could take me to the dimestore after work.  My mom would say, you can go if you have some money.  Of course, I didn't so I'd dig through the sofa cushions and I always found change.  


I hadn't thought of this for decades and now realize that my parents put the money in there.   They never had company, my dad changed clothes as soon as he got home, and my Mother wore dresses.  The money couldn't have fallen out of a pocket.


My parents are long gone so I can't ask them, but wish I could thank them for the fun.


How about you? 

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Re: Sweet Childhood Memories

@Chopsmom What a nice story you posted!


As I just said in another thread my aunt had a pear tree with a perfect "seat" in it and the pears were heavenly.  Sitting there and reading and picking pears to eat is a wonderful memory.

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Re: Sweet Childhood Memories

I am the eighth of nine children.  Even as a child I was very quiet and reserved.  This allowed me the ability to sit next to my Daddy while he watched the evening news with none of the other kids around.  I got to be close to Daddy without the other kids was 30 minutes of heaven.   

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Re: Sweet Childhood Memories

Playing freely with the neighborhood kids.  No "playdates" in those days.  We made our own fun...jumping off the roof of the garage, etc.

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Re: Sweet Childhood Memories

My parents were hard workers, my Mama was the cook and kept a clean house, my daddy took care of the yard and any repairs, he was not a cook, but every Saturday night he would make all of us large milkshakes, no mixer or blender, he would do it all by hand. We would just wait on that couch for our milkshakes and cookies and it was such a treat.  Daddy's milkshakes were the best.  It's the small things that can bring so much joy and lasting memories.

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Re: Sweet Childhood Memories

@Another new name Sue 


"jumping off the roof of the garage, etc."


Yikes, we did the same thing!  How in the world did we keep from getting killed?  Cat LOL


My sis and I would jump off almost anything and get the wind knocked out of us...crazy...we just kept on doing it.


So funny to know other kids did this as well.

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Re: Sweet Childhood Memories



My older sister and I played outside all day without any adults checking on us or supervising.  It was assumed we were "safe" and we were.


We would take long hikes with our little band of kids to the local "bluffs" where they quarried limestone.  We would climb all the way to the top and look out over our little town.


When we arrived home late in the day for dinner, there was no concern we had been gone all day....hiking through fields and woods and up a big hill.  We were never afraid or worried.  Glorious memories!

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Re: Sweet Childhood Memories

@happilyretiredgirl  My dad did the same for us kids! By hand. He would say, "Do you want a special?" And of course we knew what it was. He loved Cherry Vanilla ice cream. I do to this day. 💕 


When he would make a sandwich, he would throw a piece of baloney on it and say, "Baloney makes the sandwich." If he had extra salami, he'd say, "Salami makes the sandwich." LOL


Everytime I made sandwiches for my kids, I'd say the same thing. To this day; I say it out loud; hoping it travels to the heavens and he hears me.


I always buy a 1/4 lb of baloney so I can put a slice on our sandwiches. It truly makes the sandwich. 😉 

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Re: Sweet Childhood Memories

" Going for Ice cream" on a summer evening. There was a place maybe a mile out of town and they had a long list of flavors. Over time I worked my way through the flavors. Mom and dad , summer nights, and ice cream, a sweet memory. 🍦

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Re: Sweet Childhood Memories

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@Witchy Woman @Another new name Sue,

haha and I thought I was insane!

One of my favorite memories was running up and down the sidewalk in the rain with my sister.


And climbing the highest tree, higher than any boys could go. When I was sad or just wanted to be where I found comfort with my friend the tree.


Zooming down the longest steepest highest cement hill on my heavy duty skateboard without a helmet, knee pads or anything. Sailing in the wind!


As a mother, I put on helmets, kneepads, wristpads on my kids when riding a bike or anything! Sorry children but once a mother that no fear of anything vanished!

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