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We have a new to us 7 year old golden retriever that we've had for a couple of months.  She is frightened by garbage trucks or any noisy vehicle.  But sometimes she would become frightened for reasons unknown to us.  In the middle of the night she would need to be held after she crawled next to me in bed.  Anyway, the vet suggested we could take her to their behavior therapy department but as we left her office they tied a bandana around her that a pheromone had been applied to.  They said it helps some dogs, others not.  She is like a different dog.  She has not had any more night terrors.  She still doesn't like garbage trucks but once they're gone she's fine.  It's great to see her much more happy and calm.  I wonder if other vets may have samples of this to try?  The brand is Adaptil and I see it's available on Amazon.  Maybe run it by your vet.  Good luck!

An update on my dog's Adaptil use.  On the next garbage day after use she didn't even raise her head when trucks drove by.  But the 4th was not as good.  The city has a new location for their fireworks, about a mile away.  You could see reflections of light on the house and the sounds were loud and distinct.  We stayed in the house and she practically stayed in my lap.  She went to sleep almost immediately afterward.  It seems Adaptil has it's place, but for her, not for extremes.  I hope everyone got through the 4th ok with their pets.