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so very proud of my youngest grandchild.He graduated tonight,and was in the top ten of his class of 500.He graduated early,but walked with his class.We went out for dinner beforehand, then to a huge arena were graduation was held.Even sat next to my ex,everything was awsome

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@Luvsmyfam    OUTSTANDING!   Especially with all the obstacles during the Covid years !!!!    di

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@Luvsmyfam , milestone events!  Congratulations, he will be stepping into the next chapter of his life.  How exciting for him and the family.  LM

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Isn't it fun watching our grandkids reach milestones in their lives!  They are truly our little pieces of immortality. 

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How wonderful @Luvsmyfam !  That's quite an accomplishment.  Smiley Happy

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I am so happy for you!  He has reached his first milestone with shining colors!

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Congratulations to him!  I'm so happy for you and your whole family.  

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@Luvsmyfam   Thanks for sharing this great news with us.