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@Skye3girl wrote:

I am 57 , and HAD tons of prickly, horrid leg hair ( lower and upper).  Meno did nothing to change it. Shaving stinks in my opinion!  Per recommendation here, I bought  an IPL unit ( I have a Braun). After 8 weeks, The hair barely grows at all! Seriously. The thing is worth it’s weight in gold to me-

 I tried epilating, which gave me an ingrown hair problem/ nightmare.  

It is maintenance every few weeks. Now, while I still have the hair follicles (for some people the follicles are completely gone, but not my coarse hair) BUT it barely grows at all- No more itchy, prickly, and constant need to shave!  LOVE this problem solving technology.  Seriously recommend if you want to get rid of hair growth-

oh, and if you get one, get the light blocking safety glasses too- ❣️

@Skye3girl @Which model do you recommend,  3 or 5? Thanks!

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Kalli, I have the  Braun 5001. I think the difference in models is basically  the number of pulses ( lifespan) . It’s been great, and believe me has held up to a lot of use! It takes at least 6 weeks of weekly use to start seeing slowing of hair growth ( that was me anyway).  

But after that, you will be amazed that the hair slows and then pretty much stops growing! Now I do it once every 2 weeks. I haven’t tried to go longer, but it may be possible!  Wishing you smooooth sailing! Lol! 🤓