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I'm 75  and I shave everyday without fail!  I shave my face, my lower arms, digital hair, knees to toes.  The bonus is that I have great skin (all the exfoliating) and I'm lucky to have great white hair (on my head).

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Every other day religiously for the past 45 years. 

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@Anonymous032819 wrote:

Since hitting meno, I hardly have any leg hair, so I very rarely shave my legs.

I’ve noticed this as well; although I still have to shave,  it’s much less___ but I can’t imagine having to shave top to bottom everyday, but I have very light hair, so I guess if your dark , maybe....what a pain🙄

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@RedTop wrote:

I have never in my life shaved my legs every day; don’t even shave them once a week now that I’m retired.  I’m too busy keeping up with the hairs on my chin to worry about what’s growing on my legs!

@RedTop   So made me laugh.

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I wax my legs I do not shave them. One waxing lasts me about 3 weeks or more and the hair on my legs grows in very soft and  blond.Woman Happy

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@cotton4me wrote:

I used to use an Epilady for my legs and underarms.  It saved me from having to shave every day; plus, my legs felt much smoother.  As I’ve gotten older the hair hasn’t grown back in either place so I no longer need to shave. 


Me too.  Couldn't be happier.

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In the winter, I shave about once a week.  After about Day 5, my legs get scratchy and I can't stand it but am too lazy to do it sooner.  In the summer, I shave them about every other day as I wear shorts or capris.

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@Anonymous032819 wrote:

Since hitting meno, I hardly have any leg hair, so I very rarely shave my legs.


@Anonymous032819 - same with me. My underarm hair is still going strong but I hardly have any leg hair at all.  Little maybe individual hairs in 20 places max.  I shave them once a week probably but I could go much, much longer than that.  My leg hair grows very very slowly. 


I also have just about no eyebrows left either. 

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One word ladies.....LASER....Best thing I ever did years ago was laser treatments under my arms and legs.   Haven't shaved in years and don't have to.  Just like @wagirl  I had chemo several years ago  too, had to do microblading to get some brows back!   Happy with my smooth skinSmiley Happy    Hope you are healthy again as I am.  God Bless

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We can certainly agree everyone is different!


I was blessed with very pale skin. very dark hair and went into puberty at a young age.  First sign that I was becoming a "woman" occurred at age 10!  So, I began shaving at a very young age.  


I used to sit on the edge of the tub and soap up my legs, shave, then rinse.  I NEVER sat in the bath and shaved, ewww!  Thinking of all those little hairs floating in the water, the getting all over you when you get out is really off putting.  However, I have seen ads for razors, etc.  where that is done. Ick!