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Re: Share a Good Childhood Halloween Memory

My sister and I always dressed up for Halloween.  Our favorite treat was a homemade popcorn ball and a bag of Fritos.  We only went to houses that we knew the people.  Then after my DH & I got married he worked at Frito Lay for 32 years.  Then 6 months after he retired, the plant burned down and they didn't rebuild.  WHEW!

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Re: Share a Good Childhood Halloween Memory

LARGE candy bars!🍫

My mom made our costumes...peter pan, captain hook, tinkerbell, etc.🧚‍♀️

We went all over the neighborhood by ourselves because safety wasn't an issue back in the good old days!👍

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Re: Share a Good Childhood Halloween Memory

   I have many Halloween memories but the very first one was of standing on my grandmothers bed. (I must have been 2 or 3). 
   My mother was explaining Halloween and I had pajamas on. She put rag curlers in my hair and some lipstick on me. Then she said I was Wee Willie Winkie from the nursery rhyme. 
   We had a lantern and she carried me to a neighbor's hoist and I had to say "trick or Treat" but I was shy and it was alll very strange so I didn't. I got candy anyhow!

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Re: Share a Good Childhood Halloween Memory

  My favorite Halloween memory is of my Grandma. She made me my costume every year.They were the best. My favorites were  a princess costume, an angel costume, a butterfly costume & a ballet dancer costume. All the kids on the block were always jealous that I had the best costumes.

  I felt so special because Grandma made them just for me.

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Re: Share a Good Childhood Halloween Memory

From back in the 1940s/early 1950s - big multi-family party after neighborhood trick or treating.   


My earliest memory is when I must have been 6 or so.  I had an angel costume my mother made, and remember my father taking me trick or treating to the neighbors.  





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Re: Share a Good Childhood Halloween Memory

@BunSnoop @ALRATIBA @NicksmomESQ @1Snickers @bobby5 


It had not been dark very long that Halloween evening.

You could feel the slight breeze in your hair.

I loved nightfall...there was always something promising in the air!

Other neighborhood kids were out, but I didn't know them.

My parents were watching my brother trick or treat but I was allowed to go (not far) by myself.

Freedom to be out running and walking felt so nice.



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Re: Share a Good Childhood Halloween Memory

I enjoyed reading all these Halloween stories!


Growing up as a Baby Boomer, we had packs and packs of kids going up and down the neighborhood streets Trick or Treating. We’d pass the same kids coming and going. It was so much fun. “Trick or Treat or Unicef!” Some folks would put change in our UNICEF containers instead of giving candy. We had to return those containers to our teachers.


As parochial school students we always had the next day off school. So, very early the next morning, brother, sister and I would get up while it was still dark, sit in a circle, dump our treats out on the living room rug and make trades. As the youngest of the three of us, I often made trades that probably favored my older bro and sis but it was still a lot of fun. And Mom didn’t reprimand us for sneaking some candy before breakfast. Great memories. 😊

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Re: Share a Good Childhood Halloween Memory

I grew up in a row house community in the Philadelphia suburbs. It was PERFECT for trick or treating! My mother made our costumes, which would be handed down from year to year. My favorite was a witch costume. She even made a wig from yarn to disguise my hair. We’d eat dinner as soon as we got home from school, so we’d be sure to start out once it got dark. Once we finished in our immediate neighborhood, we’d work our way down to the rectory and convent, where the nuns would try to guess who we were. Then, more trick or treating on the return trip. Those were the days! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 🎃 👻🎃💀🎃

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Re: Share a Good Childhood Halloween Memory

I have lots of happy memories of trick or treating with my brothers.   We used whatever was available to make simple costumes like ghosts, cowboys, pirates, gypsies.   By the time baby brother was old enough to go with us, face masks were popular, and he always chose ugly monster masks.   


The absolute funniest was the year oldest brother and I went as a married couple; I dressed as the male, brother was my wife, and little brother was our child.  That was hilarious!   Another year we were The 3 Stooges, which was also very funny.   


I realized my last year of trick or treating was 50 years ago today.   I was 14, and a few weeks after my birthday, my farm grandmother died.   We buried her on Halloween.   It was the only time we ever trick or treated in town with cousins, and actually got candy from true strangers.   Normally we stayed in our little neighborhood and everyone knew who we were.   

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Re: Share a Good Childhood Halloween Memory

I have several but my bride costume is a favorite memory.  I was a "chubby" little girl when I was around 8 and my mom bought my brothers and me costumes from a local store.  My costume did not fit and sadly, my mom didn't understand how that made me feel and she was less than sympathetic.  She didn't understand how badly I wanted that sparkly Cinderella costume and she fussed about the wasted money.  She said she'd figure something out for me.   I grew up in a very close extended family with aunts and uncles and cousins living in all the homes around us.  My aunt was there and  some how knew how I felt and she took me across the street to her house, she said she had the perfect costume for me.  Now, my aunt was a tiny woman.  Under 5 feet and she never weighed 100lbs.  She took out her wedding gown and her scissors and her sewing kit and she made a bride costume for me. It was better than that Cinderella costume!  She did the makeup too.  We always went to a kid's Halloween Party the neighborhood center and I won one of the prizes!   Then all us kids went trick or treating and everyone, everywhere commented on my bride costume.  That year, my amazing aunt turned what would have been a sad and disappointing Halloween into the best Halloween of my life.