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Re: Sam's club....

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@homedecor1 wrote:

I buy my hot dogs at Sams for everyday.


I buy Hebrew National (they are the style they use at their cafe).  There is 13 to a pack and they are big!


As for hamburgers.  Our Sam's has "fresh pak" hamburgers at certain times.  Although, I've bought their brand of frozen burgers and they are fine.  No shrinkage!


Enjoy your picnic!





i guess some sams clubs are different. our sams used to use nathans hot dogs in their cafe. now they use their own brand, members mark in the cafe. last year our cafe got a huge makeover in both the way you order and what is available for purchase. cannot find the hebrew national brand in our sams club.


sams club hot dogs.jpg

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Re: Sam's club....

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Im sure they are based the area.  I went there this morning & wow brands I "used" to buy are gone!


I just went to Costco for the first time in our area -- omg its. huge!!!

anyway wish I had not just renewed Sam's or I would have joined Costco.  I like they carry brands I use although with now just the 2 of us...probably no need for bulk packs.


Yup Hebrew National gone☹️ wish I saw your post before as I would have bought the ones in pic as we like the cafe hot dogs!



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I haven’t checked this year but appreciate heads up. I believe our Sams also carried the Hebrew National Hot Dogs that we enjoyed. Not only were they bun length but also thicker so I felt I wasn’t just eating a bun. Hope they still carry. Hebrew National ingredients were more to my liking.