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The new thread is up on Among Friends entitled Summer By The Lake. Everyone is welcome. See you there!


ETA:  @viva923   Sorry I'm running's the link to the new thread:

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hey all

Puddles I looked for new summer thread could not find it. So am posting here. I figure if i missed it,someone will come looking for me.


such a busy day almost to busy. 2 appoints in one day is to much for me. It was a lousy eye check, she ,new doctor would not check my eyes. She said eye pressure was to high so have to go back in one month and see. She is a new doc fresh out of eye school.not sure if i like her. She found to many things wrong with me. Will see what happens in a month. The photo taken to see back of eye that came back great. I have that taken every year.


we had thunderstorms this afternoon, nothing solid but rolling storms, rushing in and out fairly fast. Had some heavy rain fall with each rush in shower.


not much else see all tomorrow



@viva923   If the eye pressure is too high, she should have offered you drops, which I am now taking at night.  I have never heard of not checking an eye because the pressure is too high, that is when the eye needs to be checked.  If too high pressure is left untreated, it could cause irreparable damage.


Intraocular Pressure and Your Eye Health: What to Know › Eye Health › Reference
Sep 6, 2019 - At your regular eye exam, one thing your eye doctor always checks is your ... Glaucoma doesn't cause pain, and you can have it for years without noticing any ... So checking for high eye pressure can help you catch it early.