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This is always a good reminder. I have a dear friend who has gone uber conservative in politics and honestly, she's involved in a dogmatic protestant church. Some say its cult-like, but all I know is there's more control than grace. She retired in another city and her emails are so contrary to what I'm comfortable with. I don't address her subjects and write about random things. I may skip paying for my annual trip to Dallas to see her, though. It's just too much. But I will treat her with respect. Things like this are even tougher with friends in same city or family.  

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@FlowerBear  Thank you so much for posting this.  Of the two closest friends I had who passed away from breast cancer in 2011, we never had a cross word or disagreement.  One was a friend for 50 years and the other 35 years.  We laughed, cried, and experienced many ups and downs during those years, but if we didn't agree on issues we expressed the pros and cons and moved on with never a cross word.  I miss them terribly every single day am crying as I type this.

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Thank you for all of your messages! I am happy that you all liked this as much as I do! It really is a good thing to always remember, and helps us get along with others  Smiley Happy


I have a few friends that are political opposites but I would never agrue over it with them or anyone. I never

discuss politics. It is such a touchy subject.


Some ppl think you have to think as they do or you are a bad person, Not True. Some have actually dropped friends over things they dont agree on which is sad!



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Thank you for this important reminder @FlowerBear.Heart


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