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****SHABBAT SHALOM**** September 23

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Shabbat Shalom, Happy Fall and an early Happy Rosh Hashanah! A beautiful Autumn season is upon us. So colorful and hopefully more comfortable weather for us all.


This is indeed a heartwarming thread to be able to visit with dear friends. Prayers 🙏 for the suffering to end.  Again I know I will donate to a local food pantry.  May this new year find peace and healing throughout the world. ❤️









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Re: ****SHABBAT SHALOM**** September 23

Have a Happy, Healthy, Safe, and Peaceful Weekend.

Happy Rosh Hashanah!

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Re: ****SHABBAT SHALOM**** September 23

Happy Shabbos & Happy Rosh Hashonah!

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Re: ****SHABBAT SHALOM**** September 23

Shabbat Shalom!  L'Shanah Tovah Umetukah!
May 5783 be a good and sweet year.
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Re: ****SHABBAT SHALOM**** September 23

Good Shabbos and L'Shana Tova friends,

May this be a sweet, peaceful, healthy new year for all.

Have a lovely weekend all.

Just picked up a beautiful round Challah at Gelson's. 

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Re: ****SHABBAT SHALOM**** September 23



Peace to You and Yours and All that gather here.


A most Blessed New Year.

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Re: ****SHABBAT SHALOM**** September 23

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(My day was so busy that I did not keep the actual day in my mind.  Apologies for being late on such a special weekend.  I've been on the computer from time to time, but I had no sense of Friday until this moment.)


Good Shabbos and Shanah Tova to those who observe!  Good health, peace and love to all.


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Re: ****SHABBAT SHALOM**** September 23

A late wish for Shabbat Shalom and a very happy New Year to those who observe. 


Thanks to @MOMMAVik  for beginning this inclusive thread for us. I was with my GDs yesterday baking round challahs, a tradition for the New Year (representing the the seasons of the year being round also the never ending cycle of life) and stayed for dinner. Of course,they always wanted matza ball soup...doesn't matter which holiday it is, so brought that with me. 


It's a gorgeous fall weekend here in NC...a crisp 55 degrees when I woke up today. We're going to a nearby town filled with potters to look for pottery that I use for casseroles, pie plates, pitchers, mugs, etc. Of course Molly's going, too. She enjoys car rides and has a new kerchief with pumpkins on it. 


When we attend services Sunday night and Monday morning, our Temple collects canned goods in the lobby for all in need. Praying for all those affected by war, storms and poverty. 


L'Shana Tova and best wishes to all.


Love from Shanus


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Re: ****SHABBAT SHALOM**** September 23

Happy, healthy new year to us all!!

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Re: ****SHABBAT SHALOM**** September 23