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*****SHABBAT SHALOM 12/16*****



Everyone is welcome to join here each week for friendship, express thoughts, ask for prayers, etc.


Wishing everyone Merry Christmas, Kwanza, Happy Hanukkah and all other winter holidays celebrated.


A little explanation of Hanukkah which begins on the 18th and lasts eight nights:   The menorah (candle holder) has eight places for candles, one higher or in the middle which is the "head candle" and is lit with the first one on Sunday night and all the other nights as additional candles are placed at sundown each of the 8 nights. It's an historical celebration, not religious,  when the destroyed temple miraculously had enough oil in the lamp to burn for 8 days. This lamp symbolically still burns now, all the time, in all temples and synagogues around the world. Traditions may include small gifts on the eight nights, potato pancakes called latkes, a game with a wooden top called a dreidel and gold foil wrapped chocolate coins. Sometimes the evenings are concluded with traditional jelly donuts...the fried food theme representing the oil in the lamp. 


Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend.



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Re: *****SHABBAT SHALOM 12/16*****

Peaceful Wishes to All!!!

Happy Chanukkah to all who Celebrate.

Hope this busy time of year brings you much JOY!

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Re: *****SHABBAT SHALOM 12/16*****

Happy Holidays all, we use my husbands childhood menorah, it makes me feel good when we use it.

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Re: *****SHABBAT SHALOM 12/16*****

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Re: *****SHABBAT SHALOM 12/16*****

Shabbat Shalom ❤️ Happy Weekend❤️ Happy Hanukkah ❤️ Thank you @Shanus for beginning the weekend joy for us.  I hope all have a wonderful, safe & peaceful time ahead. Looking forward to my DH making his excellent latkes; he has perfected this over the years. Mine never turn out as delicious as his! Enjoy the weekend and Hanukkah holiday!





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Re: *****SHABBAT SHALOM 12/16*****

@Shanus ,,,,,,,That was beautifully said, thank you. Heart

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Re: *****SHABBAT SHALOM 12/16*****

Hi everyone, 


It's snowing in central NY.  Not much...maybe 4 inches so far.  Nothing to be concerned about.   Come sit around the fire and enjoy a cup of something hot....tea, coffee, hot cocoa. 


Thank you, @Shanus  for starting this week's inclusive, friendly thread. Smiley Happy


Happy Hanukkah to all those who celebrate this weekend. Smiley Happy   I will be away this weekend visiting family.  Can someone please save me a few latkes. Smiley Wink 


For anyone attending holiday house parties this weekend, as we are, please travel safely. 


Today is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day. 

Enjoy the chocolate covered assorted dried fruit and nuts, marshmallow, pretzels, strawberries, potato chips,  and banana slices.


Chocolate dipped fruit platter|chocolate dip fruit|chocolate covered orange|chocolate  covered grapes - YouTube


How to Make a Dessert Charcuterie Board - Rainbow Plant Life


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Re: *****SHABBAT SHALOM 12/16*****

" Shabbat Shalom" Poster/Readers:  May Shabbos bringg you peace, joy, and connection with The Divine.  Happy Chanukah!

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Re: *****SHABBAT SHALOM 12/16*****

@dmod nj! I will save latkes for you & swap for that chocolate tray & board!! I love chocolate!
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Re: *****SHABBAT SHALOM 12/16*****

Good Shabbos and Happy Hanukkah everyone,

I hope everyone is  warm and safe this weekend. 

My heart and thoughts go out to all in need. Those who are homeless, unwell, lonely- all have my extra prayers.

Travel safely.

Donna you forgot to say that the goodies are carb free. Have a lovely weekend.