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I think it has an H at the end - Rosh Hashanah


Otherwise, I just had honey the other day and use it on plain yogurt.


Happy Rosh Hashanah to everyone

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Re: Rosh Hashana

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@Shanus     l'shana tova     di

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Rosh hashanah image of honey and apple with sliced apple on a pewter plate. the honey is in a canning jar with burlap top and is being drizzled on the sliced apples from a honey dipper. happy new year greeting - 73576538
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Wishing everyone a Happy New Year (L'Shana Tova) filled with good health and happiness.


Thanks to all for the recognition of the holiday.

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@Shanus Though I'm not Jewish I send my well wishes for this lovely holiday.

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L'Shana Tova friends--


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L'shana tova!   

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Happy Holidays to those who celebrate May your holiday be fulled with happiness and light

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