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Dont know who the scammer is....however, the call blocker that the Q had on in the Fall really works.  It is simple to install on your landline and will keep your phone from ringing once you press Block Call.


Since I installed it on my home line I have over 150 calls blocked without it ringing once even if they try to call.  My office phone has over 175 calls blocked.  


If if you make a mistake a block a call, you can easily in block it.  The customer service # is helpful also.


Given the home situation and fear about the phone ringing with an emergency call ... it will save you from the anxiety and Adrenalin fear each time it rings.


Hope this helps.

I've recommended this since the beginnings of time. People either don't come in as often as I do or it goes in one eye and out the other

Gonna give up my preaching.