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Re: Review of Leg Master Machine

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22D1D57E-3AD6-435E-9E90-3F0252D43663.jpegI bought this leg master awhile back and it’s in my master closet. Think I’ll pull it out and start using it. I can’t do the legs and arms at the same time. I hold on to the center of the bars. I could never master the minute but you’ve inspired me. I’m motivated now. 


Edited to to add photo. Mine is a little different than photo someone posted a few posts up. Mine is total body workout but it’s hard to do arms and legs at the same time. 

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Re: Review of Leg Master Machine

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My machine is called Leg Magic and it was bought in a store several years

back. It is the same machine with just a different name on it.


I have used it on and off but have recently started up again. Actually my

teenage son is using it and got me back on it recently.


We are doing other exercises and then Leg Magic is my final workout,

around 4 times a week. We are both doing 2 minutes on it. It is not easy.


In the past I have done a minute, then a break up to 3 minutes but since I

am doing other exercises just doing 2 minutes at a time. A good workout!

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Re: Review of Leg Master Machine

Can someone who has had this machine a couple of months and used it consistently report back on any changes?  Wondering how effective it really is.  Thanks in advance!