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I have lived in Wis all my long life.please tell me why I have not heard about this brand,until maybe tow or three years ago.The located in Milwaukee.I would like to know where have I been company in business over 50 years.

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Reliable Knitting Factory


Muk Luks® Slipper Socks were introduced to the world in 1972 by Reliable Knitting Works, a company started by two brothers, Armin and Samuel Rosenberg, in Milwaukee in 1911. The company remained in the family and is currently on its fourth generation – The Polacheck and Blutstein families.


Our philosophy from day one remains strong, “Muk Luks® Lets you wear your way of Life!” - we believe in making product that lets you be you! From cozy sweater knits, to warm metallics, sequins and shine, soft chunky yarns and rich marled textures, there’s a feeling, an atmosphere…a celebration of self-expression and individual beauty.


Our story includes establishing long-standing partnerships with our retailers. We take pride in collaboration and in our commitment to your success; a practice we believe is unique to our Muk Luks® culture. Additionally, we offer private label, design exclusives, warehousing and drop-shipments.


The same pride and dedication that goes into our design also applies to giving back to our communities, on both local and national levels. Nationally we support, FFANY Charities, The Two Ten Footwear Foundation, Feeding America and United Way Worldwide.  Locally, we support the United Performing Arts Fund, The Channel 10 Great TV Auction, Fisher House Wisconsin, The American Heart Association, PAVE, and many other local causes. 

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I vaguely recall  seeing MukLuk slippers in the 1950s for kids. They had a shoelike bottom with a sock  sewn and attached. Sadly now products come from China. The Slipper socks are widely available in discount stores. I always note the pattern on tbe pjs are never matched which shouts inexpensive to me. 


Live in Wisconsin also.

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We had a summer home on Green Lake, WI for many years. Buying Muk Luks was one of the favorite things each year! They were unique for Nebraskan's in the '60's & '70's and so warm. Usually went shopping in Fond du Lac, OshKosh or Berlin for clothing, blankets, etc. during the summer. Rippon and Berlin were fine for groceries, book, gas and ski equipment (if we couldn't find it at the Lake).


Sadly, they are not made in Wisconsin any longer; nor are they made as well or with wonderful materials. Thus, I haven't had a pair since the mid-70's. My memories of the original Muk Luks are delightful. Smiley Very Happy


Our family has moved on to hardsoled, suede slippers at Overland Sheepskin in Omaha, Nebraska (and many other locations in the US or on-line). They are attractive and very comfortable for men, women & children.                                                                           

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Thank you justbee,I appreciate your information about muk luks,thanks to all Wis friends!