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I just read that our @NAES1 suffered a serious fall in her home in May. She has not posted in a few weeks. Please send her prayers/and or good thoughts as she recovers. 



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Re: Prayers for @NAES

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Naes:  Hope you feel better soon.  Sending prayers. 

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Naes,  Get well wishes coming your way.  I hope you are feeling better and back to the forum soon.  Take care.  Cat Happy

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@NAES, You're in my thoughts and prayers for your speedy recovery Heart


@Tissyanne, Thank you for letting the Forum know of NAES.  That is very kind of you Heart                     

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Tissyanne, thanks for the heads up.  NAES, I was just thinking of you the other day and noticing you hadn't posted in a while.   So sorry you have been laid up, and sending prayers and wishes for your quick recovery.  Your fun and cheerful spirit is much needed here!

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     Prayers for healing.  (((Hugs)))

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@NAES1 ~ sending healing prayers and thoughts your way!


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@NAES1 sending healing thoughts and prayers your way!