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Sending prayers to your friend and her family, also to you.  God bless.

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Just sent prayers up a few seconds ago!

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@BalletBabeMy sincerest condolences to your friend.  Nothing is worse.

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A Big Thank You to all of you!!!   When I first started posting here a lot , I had just lost my husband. I have found so many loving and caring people on these forums and I just want to say Thanks.  It means a lot.


Not sure how many of you remember this but after my hubby passed, I had a neighbor that stalked me for over two months until I had to take action.   He was friends with my husband and we went a lot of places together as couples 15 years ago.   I have had to keep my distance because up until about 6 weeks ago , he still had to come out in his yard when I am mowing or pulling weeds.   He suddenly stopped.  I Just found out he was diagnosed with kidney cancer.  He had the kidney removed and two weeks later, he was walking around spaced out.  They took him to the ER and he has cancer through his whole body but really bad in the brain.   I don't like what he did to me but I would not wish anyone to go through that.  We do need a cure.  There is just way to much of it.   


Thanks again for all of your prayers!   My friend that lost her son had to fly to Puerto Rico as her husband brother passed away just 3 weeks ago.  They had to hurry back because of their son.    Been a depressing week around here. 


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            @BalletBabe,  My condolences and prayers for your friend and all who mourn the loss of this young man.   @brancare,  I'm also praying for Eric and his mom, and all who love them.   

            I don't always post on prayer request threads since I'm only here sporadically, but each one I read touches my heart to the core and I always say a prayer for each one -- my belief is that most people who read the threads do the same, even if in silence.    There also are those who don't tell us their needs, and so I say a quiet prayer for all who are sad, in pain, in grief, or who simply need comfort.    May blessings envelope you all with grace and gentle love.



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So sorry. Prayers sent

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Have just paused in prayer for @BalletBabe's neighbor's family. 


Also, @brancare's nephew, Eric and his mother.