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I am posting this message because I know I will feel better after I do.


Long story short.  I ordered a peace dove print from Pottery Barn the end of November.  The ship date posted was December 28.  That date was later changed to the end of January. I received no notification.   I decided to cancel, called Pottery Barn last week and because it was a direct ship they needed to contact the vendor.  I called today and was told the same other words no progress was made.  The customer service person told me it was an overseas vendor.  I am guessing China.  PB's process is to get approval from the vendor in order to cancel.  I say that is crazy and asked to speak to a manager.  That request went no where.  


I will wait a week to see if I get a satisfactory conclusion.  For me, this is a crazy policy.  


#1 I am being jerked around.  #2 why, in these uncertain times would you have products on your website manufactured outside the US when you have no idea when they will be delivered


PB lost a customer, that's me.


Any suggestions on who at PB I should direct my frustration?


thanks for listening.

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Re: Pottery Barn Frustration

If you paid with a credit card, contact them and dispute charge.

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Re: Pottery Barn Frustration

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With this Pamdemic , it appears that some companies are making up all kinds of  rules that were Not in existence  before , just so they can hold onto your money since you have already been charged & paid for the item.


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Re: Pottery Barn Frustration

Good idea to initiate a dispute with your credit card if that's how you paid.  You have waited long enough.

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Re: Pottery Barn Frustration

Another vote for disputing with your credit card company. Years ago I did this, (I have a Citi-card), with Dell, (worst company ever) my money back. Never bought another Dell, never will.


Also, got it back from online scammers pretending to help me with a computer problem, I got sucked into, unknowingly at one point.

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Re: Pottery Barn Frustration

Surprised with Pottery Barn.  You would think with the expensive items they sell, they would be more professional.  I doubt PB customers will stand for bad treatment.

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Re: Pottery Barn Frustration

Pottery Barn has become ridiculous!  I used to shop with them often - loved it.  I guess I still do, but they have made it impossible for me.  I've browsed the website looking for the perfect item and over and over again it turns out it is not available to ship to my address!  Like what?!   I'm in a normal place, I've shopped online with them for years and this issue started last year.  To get creative, in those instances, I've checked the zip codes of people that I know in other states or other parts of my state and mostly found they cannot be shipped to them either!  Called customer service and then asked if it will ship to a zip code they say it will ship and where they have a store, could I have it shipped there and then have it shipped to me from there?  Said, they don't ship to stores.  I have literally begged to buy things from them and have been turned away over and over.  I also had my sister order some pillow covers for me (because they wouldn't ship to me!)  and they were supposed to ship right away, but ended up being on back order and then cancelled 5 months later, even tho we had checked on the status over that time and were assured it would be shipped and there was no problem.  I ended up getting them eventually by calling individual stores around the country and having them ship 1 or 2 separately.    I don't know why this company is doing this to itself.  Plus now I notice Williams Sonoma (same parent company) is pulling the same thing.   Why make it so hard to shop?


Sorry you have been having issues with them too @zitigirl 

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Re: Pottery Barn Frustration

I don't care to shop online there anymore as I have had problems with them in the past. There's no brick and mortar store near me. I have some items in my home that I purchased from them that I've had for years and have held up so well. I do think many companies are having issues right now though. I hope you get things resolved.

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Re: Pottery Barn Frustration

@endless summer 


I'm sorry, but Pottery Barn's items cannot be that special that I would jump through ridiculous hoops to 'try' to order from them.


I can find pillow covers that I love from hundreds of sites, that would really love to have my business!

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Re: Pottery Barn Frustration

I was going to buy drapes from PB last summer.  They were on sale, but still costly but thought they'd be the perfect match.  I had some questions, so I contacted CS via phone.  After speaking with CS, I was ready to pull the trigger then I asked if they were returnable.  They weren't.  I'd be stuck with hundreds of dollars of drapes if I didn't like them.  Fast forward to right before Christmas last year...I wanted to buy a bathroom vanity from PB (not on sale).  Asked if it was returnable, it was not.  Turns out furniture items are not returnable at all at PB and the mirror was considered a furniture item.  I couldn't find a mirror anywhere else so I took a chance.  Thankfullfy that worked out.  I've been looking at table lamps at PB for some time now.  At $370 per lamp, that's pricey for me.  They've gone on sale once, only $10 off.  PB doesn't seem to have great sales.  But, lamps are not returnable either.  I'd probably give PB more a of a try if they had better sales and a much better return policy.  P.S.  Drapes were not returnable even if they weren't on sale.