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Re: Post-Christmas blues....

First of all, Christmas Eve, is one of my favorite days of the year.  I decorate early, love, love, love my tree, the lights, the music, the calmness it gives me.  This year, tree was up timely, very little other decorating, NO baking, etc.  


Guess what, I survived without all the other hoopla.  I really enjoy today, a day to relax before returning to work.  We have a small family (no longer any small kids), so the gift thing has been simple for years.  Like others have said, Christmas is what you make it.  But for years, I was the one that refused to think, everything had to be perfect.  Does every gift have to be perfectly wrapped, 12 cookies and candies to bake, table set to shine?  Nope not me.  Love the day like any other year, and the calmness remains.  So not blue at all.  

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Re: Post-Christmas blues....

The spare room where I had all the wrapped gifts looks so empty now.

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Re: Post-Christmas blues....

Ever since I can remember, I have loved Fall leading into Christmas.  It is the time of year I have high energy and motivation, my spirits soar and loving decorating , visiting friends and family and each day a treat.  Of course when Christmas is over, it is always sad for me to see it go.  


I know for many Christmas can bring sadness especially if you have lost someone close.  I definitely experienced those times and feelings.  But thankfully those times have been few.  After NewYear's day, I will slowly start to take down my decorations, put away my trees and add another Christmas of wonderful memories to all my other ones!  I won't dwell on Christmas ending but focus on what each day brings ahead.

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Re: Post-Christmas blues....

I feel a little let down, only because I did too much shopping and ate way too much.  I spend this time every year trying to lose the 8 pounds that I gained, and putting things away.  Now to pay the bills.  Also, all that shopping and gift wrapping presents got shipped to family far away, so I didn't get to see them opening the gifts, which is kind of a bummer.  Oh well.  Just one more cocktail.....

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Re: Post-Christmas blues....

I understand. I often feel the post holiday blues. It used to be because all the excitement and hubbub was over, kiddo was going back to school, and that special time of year that comes with having kids, beginning just before Halloween and extending to New Years, is gone and over for another year. 


We were always so busy and having so many school, church and family things going on. It was such a very special time of year during my childhood, and during my son's childhood. 


I've had grandkids since 2020, and we haven't had a normal holiday cycle at all. This makes me even more blue. It's been multiple bouts of covid that keep us apart, or another sickness, or weather, or the most recent, my mom's health issues and procedures during the holiday season this year. 


It's not like we haven't gotten together, but it is rarely on the day, some holidays missed totally (this year it was Thanksgiving), others postponed for weeks after the actual date, sometimes needing to celebrate early, but only some of the folks can come. 


I'm way over it. It seems my empty nest syndrome, hit with the Covid craziness, and now it's family members having other serious health issues, and it all comes to bear during the holiday season. 


This year I did a very scaled down version of everything from the shopping to the decorating, to the baking etc. It wasn't really enjoyable with the stress of heath things going on but I felt the need to keep the glue going that holds the holidays together here.


I keep hoping we can get a normal holiday season in 'next' year, but it seems fate has other plans. 


For all those feeling a bit blue the time of year, I hope it passes quickly and we move on to what's next.

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Re: Post-Christmas blues....

The lack of excitement and connection is why I work.

@house_cat  You may be missing teaching and the energy of being in the classroom.


I also love the decorating and the color as well as seeing the presents under the tree.

I am the head of the family and DS and his family love the decorations I put up.

Our 16 yr old GS got quite excited when he saw the green holly candle holders he picked out last year as part of the tablescape for dinner and pointed it out to his mom.

I get out hand painted Christmas dishes, the good flatware, and red linens.

We create tradition and life memories and hopefully enrich their loves.

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Re: Post-Christmas blues....

No big let down, but when it gets to be January and the decorations have to be packed away, I feel a little sad.


All the gifts were purchased early and wrapped as they came through the door. I only made two kinds of Christmas candy. Tree was up in November so I only focused on our big family party. It went off without a hitch because everyone brings a dish to pass. Granted, we had no dessert this year, but candy and a huge fruit salad filled that void.

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Re: Post-Christmas blues....



"anyone else"?



Not me! Most of my family is gone. Kinda like playing hockey. Don't get too high when you are winning! Do not get too low when you are losing.


At Christmas! If I am not up before/during, I won't be down after. Even keel.


hckynut 🇺🇸



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Re: Post-Christmas blues....

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I actually get pre-holiday blues.  New Year's Eve is my least favorite day of the year.  So much buildup for seemingly all the holidays and we don't all have that Norman Rockwell holiday experience. 


Have to say that when I woke up this morning that I was just so relieved and happy that it was over.  Get through this coming weekend with yet another holiday and point to spring.  I mean that sincerely. I perk up on January 2nd and set my sights on warm weather and flowers blooming. 


But we all feel differently and I feel for those of you who have the blues after holidays. 

Why is it, when I have a 50/50 guess at something, I'm always 100% wrong?
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Re: Post-Christmas blues....

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I'm glad you have this forum to vent.  I think most of us who have been married a long time can relate to some of what you said.  Compromise is part of any relationship, but sometimes we wind up compromising ourselves in the process.  I hope you can find a way to honor yourself because you deserve it.




I agree with you about the media's  reflections of the past year.. all the tragedies that occured and the people who died.  New Year's is without a doubt my least favorite holiday and I think that contributes to my mood just after Christmas.





This is certainly off topic, but I'm currently reading a trilogy of books by Fredrik Backman, the Beartown series. He's one of my favorite authors and these books are all about hockey. I have to admit I've never been interested in hockey, but his books are worth reading. If you haven't read the series yet I encourage you to look into it.  I think you might enjoy them.


ETA: Thanks to everyone who responded to my OP. It helps a great deal to hear your heartfelt thoughts.

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