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Good point, eliminate some hosts/vendors that are not needed to explain simple products such as socks, etc., maybe QVC could reduce prices to their customers, or offer free shipping more often.

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I think people would be amazed to learn how many functions the hosts perform beside selling a product.  It must be like a three-ring circus in their earpieces.

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Partnering hosts with vendors, has been a successful business model for years. The vendors are usually more knowledgeable regarding product specifics; especially mechanical items. I have seen hosts miss key selling points, and sometimes fumble with vacuums, air fryer rotisserie features, etc.😀


Those type of mishaps affect SALES. I have been influenced by several bloopers, and decided not to buy.😊


Some hosts are just better at product presentation than others. I certainly buy more kitchen items when David is hosting, and Jane Treacy convinced me that I needed  "The Comfy" TSV last week.😁 



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Its their job

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I'm of two minds on this subject.  On the one hand I think the hosts would be forced to be more focused and professional if they were on their own. However, 

I would hate to see anyone lose a job, so I guess  it's better , at least for now to have the vendors.

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The vendors tell us how wonderful their items are, how excellent are their fabrics and how talended are their designers and their developers are geniuses.  It would be a bit pushy for them to "sell" their items .. they are just there to tell us how and why their product came to be.


The hosts tell us how much we really, really, really need to buy the product. 


SG is the exception - she has wonderful fabrics, designers, manufacturers, dyers, AND tells us how much we really, really, really need to buy her product.  


I particularly enjoy when the hosts are pleading with the audience.  I imagine their producer is standing in the wings with a whip ready to punish those with low sales numbers. 



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I think Q's model is that the host is the "salesperson", "numbers", "so many left", "blue's the most limited", "phones are busy!" etc And to guide the presentation along based on the info they are getting from the producer in their earpiece. the product "expert" who just talks the benefits of the product, the details etc.


I get what you are saying, seems like host could do both, and has in the past...but still, it works ok for me this way.

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If vendors are not needed and hosts are not needed, there is no QVC.  Just go shop online or in the stores.

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I am sure that QVC is highly skilled and experienced at determining the best business model for sales.


Most of the shopping channels have at least two people interacting.


Studies have probably shown that viewers are more engaged when there is a conversation going versus just one person talking non-stop.

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@bewise wrote:

Why they need a vendor to explain winter socks.Come on,the hosts make good money let them explain.I am sure you all agree.we have seen these vendors for years saying the same thing the host should do explaining






I don't buy much from any shopping network. When I do, I prefer hearing and/or watching the vendor, which know a lot more about their products, than almost all the hosts.


I could sell cars, but sell jewelry? That would be a comedy show. 


In the end, it is the product that sells me, not the vendor or the host. Bear in mind, I am a frugal old, but savvy buyer.